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Apr 15, 2012
  The good guys over at Tizen.Org have released some HTML5 and WebGL examples covering the following topics: HTML5: New tags HTML5 Canvas CSS3: New features Javacript: Typed Arrays HTML5: […]
Mar 8, 2012
    Architecture The EXOPC architecture is built around the HTML5 standard and EXOengine, aimed to provide the missing pieces to HTML5 for software developers. EXOengine is a 400kb binary […]
Nov 28, 2011
    Time again for another meet up. Its been a while since we sat down and discussed the world of Tech. So come along and have a natter about […]
Nov 28, 2011
    Starting on the 29th November #AppsWorld kicks off in London with a great speaker line up incl. Angry Birds, Samsung, Paypal and BSkyB (Full List here). It is […]
Nov 19, 2011
  This are quick examples on how to use tags: Header helps to create the outline of the document flow within the page: <header> <h1>Title goes here</h1> <h2>And subtitle...</h2> </header> […]
May 6, 2011
  Drone Taxi is a Game for AR Drone that was inspired by Commodore 64 game space taxi, the idea being to transfer customers between landing pads. The game was […]
Mar 22, 2011
All things Qt are progressing quite well at the moment and here is the one of the directions that Qt Scene graph is going in:     The ShaderEffectItem is […]

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