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Feb 27, 2015
  The Tizen Project is currently running a Selfie competition, and you could be the luck winner of a Tizen based Samsung NX300M Smart Camera.   What you need to do All you need to do is Craft a tweet that includes: Fun “selfie” picture (from the shoulders up, please!) The @tizenproject handle The hash […]
Dec 23, 2014
  Recently we have seen some great progress being made on getting Tizen running on different development boards lately, which includes the Odroid U3, MinnowBoard MAX, Renesas R-Car, Radxa Rock, A10S-OLinuXino-MICRO and A20S-OLinuXino-MICRO. Last week we started a Intel Galileo Gen 2 board giveaway, in an effort to get Tizen ported over to this potential […]
Dec 19, 2014
  Port Tizen We have seen some fantastic progress made with getting Tizen running on different development boards lately, which includes the Odroid U3, MinnowBoard MAX, Renesas R-Car, Radxa Rock, A10S-OLinuXino-MICRO and A20S-OLinuXino-MICRO. Now I think its time to get Tizen running on one of the most exciting Intel Dev Boards, the Intel Galileo Gen 2 Board. […]
Nov 28, 2014
  We previously ran a giveaway in collaboration with Packt Publishing to see who could win an e-copy of the newly released book "Tizen Cookbook" by Leon Anavi. To win the book, all you needed to do is comment the reason “why you would like to win this book”.   The Winners The lucky Winners […]
Nov 27, 2014
  Choosing the winner of a competition is hard, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. After much delibaration and head scratching, the Winner of the Tizen Experts Gear S giveaway is Lukasz Skalski (@Lukasz_Skalski). The winning tweet won on the merit of use case scenario and potential contribution to the Tizen ecosystem. In our last […]
Nov 5, 2014
Some good news, our friend Leon Anavi has had his very own Tizen book published entitled "Tizen Cookbook", which will help developers create and publish their own Tizen Apps! Leon is a regular contributor to Qt for Tizen, Tizen projects, and various other open source projects. He is the founder of the open source project […]
Oct 31, 2014
  We previously ran a competition giving away the Samsung Gear 2, which was a success. Now we are excited to announce a brand new competition with a bigger giveaway prize as the unreleased Tizen Samsung Gear S. Yes, you heard right !!!!       What do I have to do? Follow the @TizenExperts […]
Aug 1, 2014
  Sorry for the delay in announcing the Winner of the "Tizen Experts Samsung Gear 2 Giveaway". There were just toooo many good submissions that varied a lot, so we also had to consider originality, use case, benefit to the Tizen ecosystem etc. Whatever we did, and what ever we considered, we just couldn't shake […]
Jul 1, 2014
Do you want to win a brand new Tizen based shiny Samsung Gear 2 ? Of course you do, read on and learn how you can do it. What do I have to do? Follow the @TizenExperts twitter account. Tweet an amusing tweet as to why you want a Samsung Gear 2 or what you […]
Nov 22, 2013
YoYo Games is offering $60,000 in cash prizes for your Tizen games! Here we have cash incentive by YoYo Games to Port your Applications to the Tizen Platform. Yes, you heard it right, more Cash incentives from a new competition called the Tizen Game Drive! For the duration of the competition (Nov 21 - Jan […]
May 18, 2012
    Looks like Nokia are sponsering a device program giving away a total of 100 Nokia N9s and N950s for Coding and Community activities. One of the goals of this program is to help reducing the list of missing apps (or alternatives & related features)   Read on for the full information and […]
Dec 6, 2011
  After today’s competition you could be the proud owner of a Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth speaker. Say goodbye to a docking station and wires with this portable pearl. To win, you must correctly guess which phones have been photographed in our close-up competition.   This week we are focusing our Nokia Connects coverage on […]
Nov 23, 2011
  It’s probably too late for that because this headline picture is of a wonderful (or terrifying) spider. To be honest, most of us are in the terrified camp too, but once you realise it’s just an image captured by a Nokia smartphone, you can look beyond the beauty of this beast and see the […]
Oct 17, 2011
    NINJA's LOOSE IN SINGAPORE .... CALL THE POLICE !!!! Hang on, oh, they are not really "real" ninjas, but part of the of the Experience Nokia N9 Competition being able to WIN a Nokia N9   ...Nab them and get your hands on a Shuriken-shaped redemption card to redeem for an exclusive Nokia […]
Oct 14, 2011
  It’s what you’ve all been waiting for, and it’s not far away! On October 26th thousands will descend on the ExCel Centre in London’s Docklands for Nokia World 2011 and it’s going to be big! Last year Nokia World gave the world the Nokia C6-01, C7 and E7 among other announcements, this year is […]
Oct 13, 2011
    Welcome to the IdeasProject Nokia N9 Challenge! If you are an active smartphone user, the Nokia N9 Challenge wants you! Give your feedback on the Nokia N9 user interface - in particular ideas to improve the key features described below. We are also interested in hearing your innovative ideas for the next generation […]
Oct 11, 2011
Looks like Stuff and their readers are on a treasure hunt: So here’s the story. We’ve asked you to enter a competition to join us on a Nokia N9 treasure hunt through the jewel of the desert. 10 lucky readers from Dubai will make it through, with five teams, five challenges and only an N9 to guide them. […]
Oct 6, 2011
  Folks in Malaysia and the Philippines - do you fancy winning a new Nokia N9?? Well you can cause from the 7th October in Malaysia ( and 15th October in the Singapore ( the Nokia N9 Ninjas will be invading your countries, so to take part, head over to one of these website and […]
Oct 5, 2011
The following story is from Nokia: Show Yourself Nokia Lebanon ! By entering our competition you may be one of the lucky winners to get a Nokia N9 in the colour of your choice AND become the face of the N9 advertising campaign We all have a fundamental need to connect with the people and […]
Oct 5, 2011
  The Nokia N9 Ninjas are invading the streets showing off their fluid moves and the brand new Nokia N9! Nab them and get your hands on a Shuriken-shaped redemption card to redeem for an exclusive Nokia N9 Shuriken Magnet at any Nokia Store or selected Operator Stores. All you need to do is take […]

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