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Dec 31, 2013
  Samsung have made some interesting Videos of what they would like their future Samsung Display's look like, the bendy ones, but now they have published a video showing a new dimension, displays that are also foldable.   The displays are shown to do the following: Flexible & Sensor integrated Display Wall display Foldable Display […]
Nov 25, 2013
The first time we could see the Samsung Transparent Touch screen was back in 2010 on an IceTouch MP3 player. The smart window for advertising was announced at the 2012 CES in Las Vegas  and this time Samsung has come up with a new application for that technology: In vehicle infotainment. Enabled thanks to the […]
Jul 19, 2013
  The following pictures are of a concept phone named the Tizen Azure, which has a metal-titanium construction, rounded corners, 6mm thickness and other mouthwatering credentials as noted below: Tizen Azure offers a 2 GHz Intel Quad Core Trail Bay, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, Magnolia Tizen OS 2.0 on board and up to 128 GB […]
Mar 18, 2011
Fresh on the heals of our MeeGo Tablet UI Concept post, our friends at Intelloware have coded together another Concept User Interface. On the left hand side we have Latest, Top, Home, World, People, Tech and Money which pretty much cover the categories that we find ourselves in. UPDATE: More demo goodness from the Intelloware […]
Mar 15, 2011
Simply termed as "Some ideas of the conceptual MeeGo UI", below are some pictures of how J&K Design see this vision pertaining to the MeeGo tablet User Interface (UI): Sometimes you see concept designs and they are so far fetched that it makes your head hurt, but in the case of MeeGo its not. You […]

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