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Feb 27, 2013
    Below is a lovely little video of the Sailfish OS demoed by Jolla CEO Marv Dillion. Its great to see that this OS has a very "Swipey" UI […]
May 14, 2012
    At the recent Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco Jong-Deok Choi (also known as "JD") spoke as part of the Keynote speech. There were a couple of moments […]
Mar 13, 2012
    Officially nothing was announced from Mobile World Congress (MWC) about Tizen but there was a invite only event where devices were shown and it look like the guys […]
Mar 13, 2012
    Officially nothing was announced from Mobile World Congress (MWC) about Tizen but there was a invite only event where devices were shown and it look like the guys […]
Oct 3, 2011
  Sort of echoing the posts from this morning, this time each a little more in depth. The first video is a demo of the Nokia Play 360, but here […]
Sep 9, 2011
    Learn how to develop great apps for the Nokia N9 with fourteen demo apps now available via Nokia Developer Projects. Demo apps, including full source code, include: Compass, […]
Aug 16, 2011
  Previously I have given you the run down with PodCatcher and now it was time to get hands on and so here is the Video: ... I wanted to […]
Aug 16, 2011
An early demo of MusiKloud, a SoundCloud client for the Nokia N9 courtesy of Stuart Howarth (@marxian77). Video Below: Source Alextootchie
Aug 16, 2011
  This Video was taken at the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco 2011. Somehow this post slipped through the cracks until now (?). The Demo showcases a Basic Video Editor […]
Aug 8, 2011
  Here is a Video showing Rovios Angry Birds Running on the Nokia N9. As you can see the bright colours of the game are presented well on the vivid […]
Aug 4, 2011
  Here is an official walk through Video showing the Mobility appeal and additional features of the MeeGo wielding Asus Eee PC-X101: Hope you liked it. Nice ?   Source […]
Aug 3, 2011
  Another day and Another Video Demo of the Nokia N9. In this Video you have NFS Shift and Galaxy on Fire 2 and a reasonable walk through of various […]
Jun 30, 2011
  The Nokia N9 is the object of desire, but you know there are many that would of preferred the developer only model the Nokia N950, the one with the […]
Jun 21, 2011
  Nokia Marketing Manager Jussi Mäkinen talks us through the user interface of the Nokia N9, something that he describes as "smooth as velvet". I love the way the slow […]
Jun 9, 2011
  Digia show off their eBook Demo application running on the WeTab. You can browse and download books and magazines within different categories. Looks good "me" thinks 🙂 You also […]
Jun 9, 2011
  This is a super quick demo showing the performance of QML on a Nokia N900 and also a beagle board using different types of animations and also a mapping […]
May 29, 2011
  BasysKom showed off their much talked about new User Interface (UI) Plasma Active at MeeGo Conference San Francisco 2011. The UI has been created in only in a matter […]
May 19, 2011
  With my background in Networking I find any "Smart Home Control application" a definite to get the blood pumping and this Application hits the spot. Developed by basysKom [], you […]
Mar 16, 2011
Another day and another demo. This shows some of the core functionality of the Amino box but there is so much more thats going to be available, which we will […]
Jan 31, 2011
Yet another company showcasing a Qt and QML demo. They are collecting their thoughts about these new programming tools and hopefully will give us the full info soon. In the […]

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