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Jun 22, 2011
  Just in case you missed it the Nokia N900 MeeGo Developer Edition is now known as the Nokia N900 Community Edition. Heres some information from a mailing list message with regards to Bugzilla: Hi, Because the N900 DE changed it's name to N900 Community Edition = N900CE, following changes are done in Bugzilla: Keyword […]
May 29, 2011
  As promised to the community the Nokia N900 San francisco build has been released. As stated previously with relation to this build it is NOT designed to be a everyday phone, as the name suggests it is a Developer Edition and to be used primarily for that purpose. Here is a Video of the […]
Apr 21, 2011
  Jukka Eklund is on the right hand side Jukka Eklund is a Product Manager at Nokia that is in charge of the development of the Nokia N900 Developer Edition. What does he do ? Well according to him, hes does everything that everybody else is not doing (Lol). He is a long time Open […]
Mar 3, 2011
Today it was announced that the Nokia N900 will gets its own port of the upcoming MeeGo OS in the form of the N900 MeeGo Developer Edition. The Nokia N900 will get its own dedicated team for this purpose. Target is to make a Developer Edition of MeeGo for the Nokia N900 device. Flashed with […]

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