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Jan 10, 2015
  If you want to Learn more about Tizen Common and it relationship with Tizen, then we have a very useful resource for you in the shape of a video by Dominig ar Foll, Senior Software Architect at Intel.   Tizen Common is a common base for multiple profiles (e.g. Mobile, IVI, etc.) and provides […]
Dec 16, 2014
  Here is the roundup of the most discussed topics that have been taking place in the Tizen Developer mailing list. Thanks to Łukasz Stelmach for compiling these out of over 500 messages that were sent!   Transferring files from and to a service. José Bollo has noticed that some services, running as unprivileged users […]
Nov 17, 2014
  Below is a summary of the major topics that were covered during October 2014 in the Tizen Developer forums, as compiled by Łukasz Stelmach. Rafał Krypa, Jussi Laako, Dominig ar Foll and others discussed how to integrate security-manager and gumd in Tizen to make user creation and removal robust. Tizen on MIPS arch […]
Oct 11, 2014
  Summer has officially come to an end, but there has been Tizen development being carried during September. Below is all the hottest Topics that have been making the rounds in the Developer mailing lists Tizen 3 services: use case for multi user The most actively discussed topic. The thread has started with Dominig ar Foll's […]

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