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Jul 1, 2015
  Following on from yesterdays annoucement that Tizen:Common on Yocto had been been released, now it is the time for the release of Tizen Common 3.0.2015.Q2. This was confirmed by […]
Apr 14, 2015
  With the latest release of EFL version 1.14.0 beta 1 you get a fresh new tarballs with the latest work. This is a beta release and if for general […]
Feb 18, 2015
  Terminology version 0.8 has been released and is available for immediate download. Terminology is a terminal emulator program that is written with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL), and has some […]
Jan 23, 2015
  This year there are going to be two EFL Dev Days. The first one will kick off in the US and then the second one will be for Europe. […]
Dec 14, 2014
  Here is another update for the 1.12.x series for EFL and Elementary, courtesy of the EFL team. The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) is the prefered native development framework for […]
Nov 24, 2014
  The Enlightenment team are pleased to announce that Python-EFL 1.12.0 is now released and immediately available for download.
Sep 1, 2014
  The first stable update for the 1.11.x series EFL and Elementary has been released. EFL fixes evas: Evas_Wayland_Egl - change size of common gl context after egl make current […]
May 19, 2014
  EFL/Elementary version 1.9.4 has been released. There are a total of 6 EFL bug-fixes in this version , ranging from GIF decoding bug fixes to fix of callback errors. Elementary 1.9.4 consists […]
Dec 2, 2013
  The second Beta Release (Beta 2) of EFL 1.8 is now available for download at: The relevant components are: If you are compiling the […]

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