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Jun 8, 2012
    This is a new bugfix release of our core stable libraries. Only the listed libraries have received any bug fixes since their initial 1.1 release. Eina 1.1.1 - [GZ] [BZ2] Eet 1.5.1 - [GZ] [BZ2] Evas 1.1.1 - [GZ] [BZ2] Ecore 1.1.1 - [GZ] [BZ2] Edje 1.1.1 - [GZ] [BZ2] E_dbus 1.1.1 - […]
Apr 28, 2012
    We would like to announce the release of Evil 1.1.0. Evil 1.1.0 We'd like to announce a new release of several Enlightenment components. This round we have added Eio, Ethumb, Emotion and Elementary. Please read the NEWS and README files in each release tarball for information on what has changed, fixed or added. […]
Apr 16, 2012
    At the recent Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit (2012) there was a full track devoted to the Tizen Operating System. Here are the links for the separate sessions that have sessions information, slides and some videos: Introduction to the Tizen Community and Architecture Overview The Tizen Community is made up of all of the […]
Apr 5, 2012
    The Linux Foundation Collaboration summit has been taking place in San Francisco. This was an innovation-only summit that is designed for the movers and shakers in the Linux world to meet face to face and tackle "the most pressing issues facing Linux today". The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only summit, […]
Mar 26, 2012
New EFL Release to include Eio, Ethumb, Emotion and Elementary: We'd like to announce a new release cycle alpha release of several Enlightenment components. This round we have added Eio, Ethumb, Emotion and Elementary. Emotion is a library to handle video playback using Gstreamer, Xine or other external plugins (VLC) and display video in Evas […]
Oct 24, 2011
  So Qt Developer Days is kicking off in Munich today and I feel sad. As if something is not right. Something is missing. Tizen has recently began its Qt-less journey and this does not seem like a sensible move to me. Many would argue that Qt is supported in the Netbook version and yes […]

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