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Dec 26, 2018
Earlier this year, Facebook revised its advertising policing, putting a ban on all cryptocurrency related ads. But it seems the social media giant itself is now getting into the crypto business. According to reports, Facebook could be developing its own stablecoins, a type of cryptocurrency. Facebook cryptocurrency will be used for WhatsApp transfers Facebook is […]
Dec 17, 2018
At the end of last week, a Facebook bug has been disclosed to the public as part of the company's latest privacy and security concerns that seem to have plagued the social media company during 2018.   Facebook privacy and security bugs For nearly a two week period, in September 2018, a bug in Facebooks's system allowed […]
Sep 28, 2018
Facebook, one of the worlds largest social networks, announced today that it has been struck by a hack, or data breach, that could affect up to 50 million user accounts. Originally reported by the New York Times, the attack was discovered on Tuesday, with the company claiming that it promptly contacted the FBI. The hack/exploit […]
Sep 3, 2018
Right now, when Facebook users are trying to get online they are currently being met by a message stating: Service Unavailable.' Other have been met by the message: 'We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.' It seems like it is not only facebook that is down at the moment, […]
Aug 20, 2018
WhatsApp is known for keeping your old data including including chats, photos, videos and other files, safe for a long period of time. But the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform is soon going to change the way it backs up your data. And in the process, you might end up losing all of your old content. […]
Jun 22, 2018
Facebook is testing a way to let group admins charge the members a monthly fee for exclusive content. The monthly subscription charge starts from $4.99, and may go as high as $29.99 per month. The pilot program will involve a hand-picked array of parenting, cooking, and home cleaning groups.   Subscription Groups for Admins Facebook announced that it's testing a […]
Jun 22, 2018
Instagram was launched in October 2010 exclusively on iOS, followed by an Android version in April 2012. In less than eight years, the photo and video-sharing social networking service has reached 1 billion users worldwide. Announcing the news through a blog post, Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder & CEO, Instagram, wrote, "this is a major accomplishment — so from all of us at Instagram, thank […]
Jun 11, 2018
Facebook has been under fire recently, for allegedly granting third-party apps access to user’s data without their consent. Now, an investigation by The New York Times has revealed that the social network giant gave deep access to user data to at least 60 device makers over the time. The list include all the big names like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, […]
May 31, 2018
During the annual F8 developer conference earlier this month, Facebook had announced that it will bring several new features to WhatsApp in the coming months. The promised improvements included new stickers and group audio and video calls on WhatsApp. Over the past few days, some iOS WhatsApp users have claimed of getting the new feature on their app. Now […]
May 23, 2018
We all have that one friend who's intolerable on Social media. They literally clutter our social media feeds with annoying memes, unrelated status updates, and endless selfies. Well, if you are suffering one such friend on Instagram, just because unfollowing them might not go down too well in real life, Instagram now has an alternate […]
May 4, 2018
Twitter is urging all of its more than 330 million users to change their password - Immediately. It has come after the company found that a bug had caused its servers to store passwords in unmasked form. While internal investigations by Twitter didn't find evidence of any breach or misuse of the passwords, the company […]
Apr 30, 2018
WhatsApp is raising the minimum age limit to use its services by three years, from 13 to 16, in Europe. The move is in compliance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), coming into effect on May 25.   Are you 16 yet? As of now, anyone of age 13 or more can legally register […]
Mar 29, 2018
Facebook has come under fire recently, after it was revealed that it grants third-party apps and services certain access to user data without their consent. A wave of backlash ensued, with many users deleting their accounts, and companies terminating their ties with the social network giant. Facebook’s stock plummeted, and the incident even warranted an investigation […]
Mar 28, 2018
Facebook has come under fire recently for its treatment of its users' personal data after revelations about Cambridge Analytica and information that Facebook grants third-party apps and services certain access to your data. Many users have gone on a rampage with #deleteFacebook flooding the internet, but, Mozilla has a solution and it has released a […]
Mar 26, 2018
Reliance Jio, India's largest 4G network offers high-speed mobile internet connection with its Jio phones. WhatsApp is said to be partnering with the Jio Phone which runs on KaiOS to bring its chat applications to the platform. Jio phones, which offers affordable phones on 4G networks, have been the rage since last year. Although the […]
Mar 6, 2018
Chinese multi-purpose social media platform, WeChat, has hit one billion monthly users in February. Speaking at a media briefing, Tencent (WeChat's parent company) CEO Ma Huateng revealed it's the first time the app has crossed the milestone. The vast majority of WeChat users are based in China, where it's known as Weixin, and where the recent Lunar […]
Jan 31, 2018
Facebook is putting a lid on adverts pertaining to cryptocurrency, binary options and initial coin offerings (ICO). Facebook announced its new advertising policing of putting a ban on all cryptocurrency ads in a blog post on January 30. This action is to put a stop to misleading or deceptive ads that seem to have increased […]
Jan 21, 2018
Last September, WhatsApp announced that it is working on a tool that will allow small businesses to communicate with their customers on WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned company on Saturday officially launched the WhatsApp Business app. The app is designed to enable small businesses to communicate more efficiently with their customers and help grow their business. WhatsApp […]
Jul 3, 2017
Facebook and Facebook owned Whatsapp happen to be so much popular that they're less likely to be considered as bloat if they come pre-installed on smartphones (which is the case with Samsung's Tizen smartphones such as the Z2, Z3 and Z4). The availability of Whatsapp in particular on the Tizen platform can be termed as […]
Jun 22, 2017
The Facebook development team has been hard at work and today they have released an updated version of their Facebook Messenger app for all Tizen Smartphones. This is a massive update for the Tizen OS as it brings with it a load of new features and bug-fixes. Facebook has been actively working on this update for the last […]

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