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May 10, 2017
Today, WhatsApp Messenger has received an update taking it to version 2.16.8. There is no changelog but we do have an additional app permission request for reading and managing the calendar and I haven't played with this functionality yet. We have however been Informed that this is mainly a bugfix and performance improvement update. The WhatsApp update measures […]
Mar 1, 2017
As Facebook is expanding its video service to become a strong rival competition to YouTube with its large user-base, the company is experimenting with a lot of things to get more original video content on the platform. The result of such an effort has led to features such as Facebook live, Video Saving option, etc. […]
Feb 21, 2017
Do you love Facebook and facebook videos? Well, your not alone and the people at facebook know it and have therefore announced a new Facebook video app for TV, which includes Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Tizen Smart TV, with more potential platforms to follow. The new dedicated app will now join other […]
Nov 15, 2016
Dear Tizen fans, today the WhatsApp developers have released an update to the app taking it to version is 2.16.7 (43513505) 8.3.42722615. The update brings some new features that have been available in Whatsapp messenger on other platforms and also some bug fixes. The new features are Larger Emojis You can now share larger emojis from […]
Apr 14, 2016
  React Native is a fast growing JavaScript framework which enables developers to create cross-platform apps. At its recent F8 developer conference, Facebook announced that React Native support is coming to major operating systems as an open source project. The SDK has already been made available for iOS and Android developers. Samsung are currently working […]
Oct 28, 2015
  The Samsung Z3 was launched with a Facebook HTML5 web app, just like the Z1 that was released before it. Today the Z3 app got a major update as the Web App was replaced by a full NATIVE app. We have seen the development of this app behind the scenes for months now, and […]
Jul 13, 2015
  Back in June 2015 we exclusively announced that the Facebook Messenger and Instagram apps for the Samsung Z1 were in final testing in the Tizen Store. Today we are excited to announce that they are now immediately available to download (we told you so). The released version of Facebook messenger is 27.0.0 which is […]
Jun 4, 2015
  The app ecosystem for the Samsung Z1 is new and as such has not been furnished with all the blockbuster apps, many Z1 owners have been asking for the Facebook Messenger App to be released and there is some fantastic news in-store for them. XDA Developer Adfree has been digging around the Tizen Store […]
Mar 3, 2013
  Finnish startup Jolla is open for business. That’s the message CEO Marc Dillon was putting out, loud and clear, during two on-stage appearances at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona last week. Not a bad amount of stage time for a first time MWC attendee and a mobile upstart that hasn’t sold a […]
Jul 4, 2012
    One of the recent casualties of Nokia's recently announced Job cuts was the Ulm research facility that was home to 730 people. Once of the projects that was being worked on was Meltemi, the Linux based OS that was destined to bring new vigour to its low end smartphones and in the process […]
Jun 18, 2012
  Who wants to be able to post to FaceBook and Twitter from the Status Bar ? Oh Good, almost everyone 🙂 Developer MAG has updated his hacked Status Bar. Quick status updates is a status menu plugin that allows you to post Facebook and Twitter status updates from the status menu (not many statuses […]
May 29, 2012
    Ringmark is the mobile browser test suite developed by Facebook in order to help developers understand which mobile browsers support the functionality that your application needs. The promise is that this will be open sourced and the results of the tests donated to the W3C.   Specifically, Ringmark is comprised of tests of […]
Jan 13, 2012
  QUI allows you to share via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ your location to a friend. Use your GPS to get your location and share it via a SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Your friend will receive a link to a web page with your location on a map. GPS and Network […]
Dec 30, 2011
In 1999, Linux founder Linus Torvalds joked about plans for world domination. But as the Linux kernel celebrated its 20th birthday this year, Linux, and open source in general, have achieved a limited version of world domination. As we reported in August, Linux in its many forms now powers a majority of the world's supercomputers. […]
Dec 11, 2011
GoalTime is Qt based App that help user to view latest global match score in real-time. Besides scoring tips,User can check ongoing match score,goals,red and yellow card. And also choose matches you are interested in and strip the leagues out which you don't wanna pay attention to as well as sharing match info with your […]
Oct 24, 2011
Yesterday saw the release of fMobi for MeeGo. Today it’s all about Maemo 🙂 Grab your fMobi for your Nokia N900, version 2.0.1. Try it out and tell what you think! Download (Instant): Here   Source jiikoo
Oct 22, 2011
  fMobi for MeeGo is now ready to be tested. Grab your trial version of fMobi and tell what you think. News feed Chat Profile User info Messages Check In / Places Sound notifications Vibration notifications Top Friends Search Multiple settings Photo Upload Groups Pages Events Commenting / Liking View comments / likes Albums / […]
Sep 8, 2011
  The Facebook application Kasvopus has been updated to v1.1.15 for Symbian/Maemo devices as can be seen by the following tweet by its creator Tommi Laukkanen: Uploaded new version of Kasvopus, Facebook app. Care to test that with S^1, S^3 or N900 device? N9 later through Ovi. You can download the update at   […]
Aug 17, 2011
  Here is a discussion about NFC (Near-Field Communication) by Jason on Nokia Conversations: Portland, OR, United States – Here in Oregon, I’m seeing businesses large and small begging for patrons to ‘Like’ them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, or check-in via Foursquare. These are fun activities, but they can be time-consuming. Take Foursquare […]
Aug 8, 2011
  The first version of fMobi to Maemo platform is released. There is some issues still remaining with this, but test and give comments. Chat is disabled by default, and if you set it on, there might be some connection popup issues if you don’t have network connection on. Download and more details from HERE […]

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