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Mar 14, 2019
Mozilla has released a new service that some of our readers might like the sound of. How about being able to use your web browser, any browser including Chrome, Safari, […]
Feb 28, 2019
We have previously reported on Google Duo support on Chromebooks. Many Duo advocates of Google's video app did feel a little left out and hoped that they too could access […]
Mar 28, 2018
Facebook has come under fire recently for its treatment of its users' personal data after revelations about Cambridge Analytica and information that Facebook grants third-party apps and services certain access […]
Dec 22, 2017
Firefox browser is now available on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Mozilla has announced. Firefox for Fire TV can be used to load any website address, search the web […]
Nov 29, 2013
In a world dominated by Android (Google) and iOS (Apple), all new contenders need a strategy, allies and certainly a few tricks up their sleeve. Samsung have noted that another […]
Jun 14, 2013
  Intel are soon to launch a new processor code-named Bay Trail targeted for tablets and will cost under $200 according to a company executive. During a news conference in Taipei […]
Feb 26, 2013
  At Mobile World Congress this week the FireFox OS was presented to an eager world. Handset manufacturers Huawei, LG Electronics, ZTE, and Alcatel have already signed up. According to […]
Jun 13, 2012
    We reported today that the most popular internet surfing web browser Firefox v13.0 updated for Nokia N9 Meego having some improvements and changed has not yet been released […]
Jun 12, 2012
    Mozilla has launched Mozilla Marketplace which is designed as the place where you can find web-based software that you can install on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine […]
May 2, 2012
  Quick heads-up, ’Firefox’ web browser for MeeGo Harmattan smartphone Nokia N9 updated to v12.0. The update is about 25.3 MB insize.     “The Mozilla Firefox Web browser brings […]
Mar 26, 2012
One tidbit of information that has been floating around on the Inter-Web today was an interesting test result from For those of you unfamiliar with it, it is a […]
Mar 19, 2012
    Great news for Firefox fans with the Nokia N9. Following the release of PR1.2 for the Nokia N9, a new version of Mozilla Firefox Mobile has also been released […]
Mar 6, 2012
  Below are some pictures and demo of Adobe Flash Player on FireFox Mobile running on the Nokia N9:                     For […]
Mar 6, 2012
    HTML5 test for the 3 official browsers that are currents available for MeeGo PR1.2 Pr1.2 default browser - 271 + 14 Bonus points Official Meego Firefox - 315 […]
Sep 21, 2011
    Back in June we got some HTML5 scores from some current browsers, with the N9 soaring pretty high. Jukka Eklund from Nokia tweeted that with FireFox, N9 scores […]
Aug 29, 2011
  Mozilla forge ahead with their rapid development of FireFox. This time its the Maemo variant and in particular Firefox Mobile 7.0 beta 2 for the Nokia N900 is now […]
Mar 22, 2011
Mozilla has this evening released FireFox 4 for Android and more importantly Maemo. Download directly onto the Nokia N900 from this link. Heres what Mozilla have to say about FireFox4 […]

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