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Sep 27, 2017
The Tizen OS powers a lot of tech and one of the important "tech types" for us is Samsung's line of wearable devices.  The Gear Fit2 was the first Samsung Fitness Tacker to run Tizen and it has to be said that it runs it very well (not too biased? Lol). Today, the Fit2 has […]
Sep 17, 2017
Today, Samsung Z4 users in India got a little software / firmware update for their mobiles. The latest update takes them to version BQI1 / Z400FDDU0BQI1. Before you get too excited, you have to keep in mind that this update weighs in at 8.2MB. Lately, our Z4 users are getting spoilt a bit as they only […]
Sep 12, 2017
Who wants a software update for their Samsung Z4 mobile? Well, If your based in India you will be happy to know that a new update is now available to download. The latest software is Version: BQH3 (Z400FDDUOBQG1/Z400FODDOBQG1) and it has a download size of 52.5MB. There is no official change log other than the usual:- […]
Sep 6, 2017
Samsung Z4 is the fourth product of Samsung-Tizen smartphones and was released in May 2017 at the Tizen Developer Conference 2017. Since then, three firmware versions have been developed for this 64-bit Tizen 3.0 touting device and all these versions are from India.  Now, a fourth version is available online for download and this time, […]
Aug 30, 2017
The Gear S3 Frontier is now receiving an update that would be very useful to a lot of users. A third party messaging app now supports vibration notification which makes the usability of apps like WhatsApp seamless. For now, this app which is only 7MB in size is rolling out in the US but it […]
Aug 25, 2017
On August 17, a new Samsung software update for Samsung Smart TV's rolled out and as usual, many users expected their TV's to get better but this time it didn't, it got worse. Reports have been coming in on how a £1,400 Samsung TV was rendered unusable and stuck with a blank screen. The company's community board […]
Aug 10, 2017
Yesterday, Samsung have released an update for the Gear S3 frontier. The update is to patch a bug that many users have been experiencing with S Voice crashing when they are trying to reply to a text message using voice dictation. Some suffered performance issues when trying to retrieve Information, but didn't have it crashing. […]
Jul 19, 2017
Today, one of the devices that is part of the Samsung Z-series, which are the Tizen mobiles, has received a small firmware / software update. The Samsung Z2 in India has been updated to version BQG1 / Z200FDDU0BQG1. This update is available as an Over the Air (OTA) and as I did mention it was a bit on […]
Jul 11, 2017
We certainly love fast, responsive and bug free devices and that is probably why we love downloading and applying the latest firmware / software updates so much. The Samsung Z4 is the latest Tizen based mobile that has gone on sale in india and also recently South Africa. Today, the Z4 has received a software update in India. […]
Jun 1, 2017
Samsung Gear Fit 2 has received a new software update - R360XXU1DQE6 / R360OXA1DQE which strengthens the heart rate monitor function as well as exercise tracking ability and also adds new ways in which users can maximise their training session. The updates will ensure that fitness can be better tracked in an intuitive and effective manner and […]
May 23, 2017
Samsung is staying busy these days. After rolling out the new value pack update for the Gear S3 worldwide last month, and now bringing Samsung Pay to UK Gear S3 users, Samsung is now rolling out another Gear S3 update for USA users. The new update brings quite a few new features, among them the […]
May 12, 2017
In case you didn't know or don't visit the Tizen Experts website much, the next Tizen mobile, the Samsung Z4 has been announced today. The is the fourth Tizen mobile to be released The device was pretty much what we had expected in terms of specifications, but possibly announced a little earlier than we had […]
May 11, 2017
Samsung has released a new software update for the Samsung Z2 for users in Indonesia. The new Tizen platform version brings some bug fixes, performance improvements and new features. This latest version comes as a replacement to the Tizen version The new version has an update size of 90.3MB for the firmware version Z200FDDU0BQD2 […]
Apr 4, 2017
The first Gear smartwatch supporting a rotating bezel, the Samsung S2, has received a firmware update. Currently, firmware/software update version EQC1 R720XXU2EQC1/R720OXA2EQC1, which is being globally rolled out with a download size of Size: 19.70 MB. The Tizen platform version is As you can see this is a fairly small update opposed to the massive update […]
Mar 31, 2017
Today, the Samsung Z2 smartphone has received a firmware/software update in India, taking it to version BQC1. The main point of Interest for this small 13.9MB update is that it brings the platform version to Tizen and KNOX 1.1.0. The other two things that are listed are the stability of network connections has been […]
Mar 28, 2017
Today, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch has received a fairly substantial firmware/software update, taking it to version BQC5 / R760XXUZBQC5. So far this software has been spotted in Germany and the UK. The download is almost 130MB in size and for a change, we have quite a detailed changelog for you. The Tizen OS version […]
Mar 8, 2017
As many of you know, the Tizen Experts team loves software/firmware updates for our Tizen-based devices, and one has just got an update. The Gear S3 Frontier LTE model number SM-R765 has got a small, but hopefully important, update that measure in at only 35MB. According to the small changelog, the update has general performance […]
Feb 3, 2017
Samsung Z2 - Tizen (Z200FDDU0BQA4) Today, the Samsung Z2 Tizen Smartphone has received a new firmware update in India, Tizen version BQA4 (Z200FDDU0BQA4), which is only a 5.8MB download, but at Tizen Experts there is no firmware / software update that is not worthy of our attention 😉 This update should improve your […]
Jan 18, 2017
Today, the Samsung Z2 Tizen Smartphone has received a new firmware update in India, Tizen version BQA2 (Z200FDDU0BQA2), which is only a 27.4MB download. This update should improve your device's stability, performance and the usual bug fixes. Samsung has explicitly outlined that there are security improvements, so it is best to get updating sooner than […]
Jan 12, 2017
Gear S2 3G variant users in the United States on most carriers other than Verizon have already received the Value Pack 2 update by now. The update has now finally hit Verizon subscribers of the Smartwatch as well, bearing the version number R730VVRU2CPK8. This update brings in some major improvement in performance, bug fixes and security patches. […]

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