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Dec 28, 2016
The Samsung Z2 is the latest addition to the Tizen smartphone family. Today, it is time for a mini-celebration, yes it's time for a firmware update for users based in India. Z2 model number SM-Z200F was already on Tizen version, but now has been updated to firmware Z200FDDU0BPL2. As the update is only 5.5MB we don't […]
Dec 24, 2016
Today, Samsung Gear S2 3G owners in the US has begun receiving the newly released Value Pack 2 update pushed down to their devices. The firmware update is getting delivered via an Over the Air (OTA) firmware update, which measures in at 120MB. After the update, you will be on version CPL1 (R730AUCU2CPL). The Value Pack […]
Dec 20, 2016
Today, the Samsung Gear S2 Value Pack 2 update, which is currently being rolled out worldwide, is hitting S2 smartwatches in the UK. This is a major update for wearable device, bringing with it many of the new features found on the Gear S3 (full changelog further down), and is a 133.42MB download. Firmware version is R732XXU2EPK5 […]
Dec 8, 2016
The world is anxiously waiting for their Samsung Gear S2's wrist companions to receive the latest promised firmware from Samsung: value pack 2 update. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but I know many S2 users that are frequently checking their phone to see if the update is live !!! Today, Singapore seems to be […]
Dec 6, 2016
Samsung's Gear S3 Classic and the Gear S3 Classic smartwatches recently received a firmware update in the US. The update brought the smartwatches to version R760XXU1APK6 / R760OXA1APK6. Now, European units of the smartwatches are receiving a similar update as reported by users in the Netherlands and UK. The update is expected to gradually roll out to […]
Dec 5, 2016
Samsung's latest Tizen-based smartphone, the  Z2 model number SM-Z200F, has had a new software / firmware update land in India today. The update takes it to Tizen version, firmware Z200FDDU0BPK3. The update log mentions the following improvements: Improved send SOS message (panic mode) and also improvements to the security of the device. Additional bug fixes and […]
Nov 30, 2016
Gear S3 gets a firmware update Gear S3 smartwatch is now available in many markets around the world including the US, UK, South Korea, Vietnam, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and many others. Now, Samsung have released a firmware / software update for the Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier taking it to version R760XXU1APK6 / […]
Nov 23, 2016
Tizen wearable tech is an exciting place to be at the moment. We have devices like the Gear Fit 2 and the Gear S3 that excel in their specific watch categories. Gear Fit 2 gets a firmware update The Fit 2 has received a firmware update that adds some minor features to the device that are […]
Oct 8, 2016
Today, the Samsung Z3 (model SM-Z300H) smartphone got a little software update in India, taking it to version Z300HDDU0BPI2. This update only measure in at 5.9MB, so nothing much to really brag about, but still worth updating. This is a maintenance release and does not bring any new features with it and is mainly for […]
Oct 2, 2016
  The Samsung Z1 Smartphone has received a software / firmware update taking it to version Z130HDDUOCPI1 in India. Don't get all excited as this is only a small update weighing in at 3.2MB and it seems like it is mainly a performance / bugfix update. In Indonesia the recently released Z2 is running Tizen […]
Sep 15, 2016
Back in July, the Gear S2 Sport and Gear S2 Classic had received a firmware upgrade that weighed in at approximately 60 MB which brought along some major changes like ability to set photos as watchfaces, direct download of apps and watchfaces on to the watch, automatic sleep tracking,etc . The Gear S2 Classic 3G […]
Aug 8, 2016
  Samsung are hoping for great things from their next Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z2, which has been rumoured to launch on 11 Auguest 2016. The date now seems a little more plausible as two firmwares have been found online for India and Nepal (Z200FDDU0APG8), with the full country list being: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri […]
Jul 29, 2016
  Update: Users are reporting that this update is now going LIVE in the US Recently we have reported on a new software update that is available Over the Air (OTA) for the Gear S2 Sport and Classic smartwatches, which has improvements to the overall user interface and some feature improvements. There is no news […]
Jul 28, 2016
Samsung's flagship line of TVs for 2016- The SUHD TVs are now being pushed with a new firmware update that further enhances their HDR (High Dyamic Range) capabilities. Samsung have branded the new feature in the firmware update as HDR+ and according to the company's press release, "The firmware update is designed to enhance High […]
Jul 23, 2016
  Update: Now also available in Sri Lanka, Nepal as well as Bangladesh The Samsung Z1, the first Tizen smartphone, was initially released in India but was later launched in Bangladesh. Today it has received yet another software / firmware update, taking it to version CPG1 / Z130HDDU0CPG1. Z1 users in Bangladesh will be disappointed […]
Jul 15, 2016
  We have recently reported on the new features and also improvements to the overall user experience that the upcoming Gear S2 software update will provide. Today, Samsung have begun rolling this update out to end users. At the moment users in the Netherlands and Germany have reported receiving the update which is only 61.1MB. […]
Jul 14, 2016
  Gear S2 Major Update Samsung is in the process of preparing what is being called a major update for the Gear S2 that adds new features and user improvements. The guys over at Sammobile have got their hands on some images of the update. One major change is that you no longer need the […]
Jun 19, 2016
  The Samsung Z1 was the companies first Tizen based Smartphone and has done well in sales even though it has only been launched in the Indian market at the moment. Today, this linux based wonder has received yet another software / firmware update, taking it to version CPD5 / Z130HDDU0CPD5. The update is fairly […]
May 16, 2016
  Just when we were thinking that the Samsung NX1 and NX500 Tizen Smart Cameras were no longer receiving any firmware updates, then two drop all at once. The NX1 has now been updated to version 1.41 and the NX500 version 1.11. The upgrade was necessary to resolve a bluetooth connection issue with Android version […]
May 6, 2016
  The Samsung Z1 was first released in India and that is the test bed for new software updates. Today Z1 owners in Bangladesh / Sri Lanka and Nepal have received the latest software update CPD6 (Z130HDDU0CPD6), which brings with it WhatsApp Call, Call Recording & Ultra Data Saving Mode (UDSM) features. The firmware update […]

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