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Apr 27, 2016
The Samsung Z1, despite being an entry level smartphone has received quite a lot of software updates ever since its launch, back in December 2014. One of the recent major software update that was released in February this year in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal took it to Tizen OS (Z130HDDU0CPB1) from Tizen 2.3 bringing in […]
Apr 14, 2016
  The Gear S2 is Samsung’s flagship smartwatch and enjoys some frequent software / firmware updates. Now we see that there are lots more users that are enjoying the latest update CPC5 (R732XXU2CPC5) being provided as an Over the Air update (OTA). There does not appear to be a new changelog with this update, but […]
Mar 31, 2016
  The Gear S2 remains Samsung's flagship smartwatch and subsequently enjoys some frequent software / firmware updates. Recently the Tizen based wearable got quite an impressive update that Introduced some good features which included a digital watch face, flight mode, and also adaptive brightness.     Today, Samsung is pushing another over the air update […]
Mar 28, 2016
  Here at Tizen Experts we believe that every software update counts, and it doesn't how big or small they are. Today, the Samsung Z1 has received a small update of only 4.1MB, taking it to version Z130HDDU0CPC4. This is the second small update that the smartphone has had recently as it was updated to […]
Mar 25, 2016
  Verizon Wireless, a US based network provider / carrier has started rolling out an update for the Samsung Gear S2, software version R730VVRU1BPC1. The updates is said to contain the newest security patches and bug fixes, which include a random clock freezing problem that has plagued many users. Smartphone compatibility has also been expanded […]
Mar 23, 2016
  Today, Samsung Z3 (model SM-Z300H) has received a Maintenance Release firmware update, taking it to version Z300HDDU0BPC5 for users in India. This update is fairly small at only 25.4MB, and the update details list it as a security policy update. This update also removes the MixRadio app that has discontinued its service from 21 […]
Mar 17, 2016
  The Samsung Z1 has recently received a massive software update for the operating system in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, taking it from Tizen 2.3 to Tizen (Z130HDDU0CPB1). Today, the Z1 received another minor update, verison Z130HDDU0CPC2, which measures only a 2.9MB.   According to the software update details, the improvements are […]
Mar 14, 2016
  The Samsung Gear S2 has previously received the latest software update in Russia, Serbia, and South Korea. Now, firmware version R732XXU2CPB7 is available in the UK, France, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, and some other European countries.     Update features As well as improving performance and battery life , the following are some of the […]
Mar 8, 2016
  The Samsung Gear S2, the company's flagship Smartwatch has received a new software / firmware update. Software version R732XXU2CPB7 has been distributed in Russia, Serbia, and South Korea so far. Some of the previous updates reached Korea and the US, but we have not been released in Europe so it's hard to say when […]
Feb 22, 2016
  Samsung Z1 Tizen 2.4 Upgrade for Nepal and Sri Lanka There has been lots of Interest in the Tizen 2.4 Z130HDDU0CPB1 software updates for the Samsung Z1 in both India and Bangladesh. Now we see the updates have also gone live in both Nepal and Sri Lanka. The update will be delivered Over the […]
Feb 20, 2016
  Today, Samsung have released the eagerly awaited Tizen 2.4 update for the Samsung Z1 Smartphone in Bangladesh. This follows the release of the Tizen 2.4 Operating System (OS) update to the Indian market a couple of weeks ago, with the promise it will be released to Bangladesh following successful testing. Well, the testing has […]
Feb 15, 2016
  WhatsApp Voice Calling Beta for Samsung Z3 Samsung Z3 users will today be able to join the WhatsApp voice calling Beta program that went live for Samsung Z1 users a few days ago. This was a highly requested feature and its great to see it going live. In order to be eligible for the […]
Feb 5, 2016
  Tizen 2.4 Upgrade available for Samsung Z1 Today, we have some good news for our Samsung Z1 readers that are based in India, as their Z1 Smartphones begin receiving the much awaited final release of the Tizen 2.4 Operating System update version Z130HDDU0CPB1. The update will be delivered Over the Air (OTA), so will […]
Jan 12, 2016
  The Samsung Z1 has been released in several countries including India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The Z1 launched with Tizen 2.3, but following the launch of the Tizen 2.4 Beta Software Test Program in India, users have been looking forward to getting the final Tizen 2.4 release for their device. Some of our […]
Jan 1, 2016
  The Samsung Z3 (model SM-Z300H) has just received its next Maintenance Release firmware update, taking it to version Z300HDDU0BOL4 for users in India. This update is only 3.6MB, which some might consider not worth updating, but any improvement is a worthwhile improvement I say. The previous Indian firmware update Z300HDDU0BOL2, which was released 3 […]
Dec 29, 2015
  Watches have evolved over the last few years. Yes, they still tell the time and possibly the date if you are that lucky, but now we expect so much more from them as we enter the world of the smart watch. We want the time, weather, notifications, apps, and anything else that is possible. […]
Dec 12, 2015
  The Samsung Z3 (model SM-Z300H) has just received its next Maintenance Release firmware update, taking it to version Z300HDDU0BOL2 as a 41.4 Mb download. This release contains fixes for many issues reported by Tizen Community members. I didn’t think there would be a Maintenance Release before the big Tizen 2.4 update that may users […]
Dec 8, 2015
  Samsung has made available the first software / firmware update for the Samsung Gear S2 via Over the Air (OTA) update. This first went live on Korea, and then parts of Europe namely Netherlands and the UK. This update provides not only performance improvements but also some new features. The Software version is R32XXU2BOKK […]
Nov 30, 2015
  UPDATE: The Over the Air (OTA) firmware update issues have now been resolved. At the end of last week a new Over the Air (OTA) 12.6 MB firmware update was released for the Samsung Z1. Unfortunately there has been an issue with the update, that we hoped would be resolved by today, but that […]
Nov 27, 2015
  UPDATE: The Over the Air (OTA) firmware update issues have now been resolved. Today, Samsung Z1 users in India have had a Over the Air (OTA) firmware update released for their Smartphones measuring in at 12.6 MB. This is a Tizen 2.3.1 Maintenance Release, which is thought to be the last one before a […]

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