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Apr 20, 2015
The Samsung Z1 is the world's first commercial Tizen Smartphone and hopefully it will not be the last. Update: The Samsung Z2, Z3 and Z4 have come out since. Some of you developers or tech enthusiasts might have the need to flash the software / firmware on your phone and below are the Instructions and […]
Apr 20, 2015
  The Samsung Z1 has had a fast and steady flow of software / firmware updates for it, the last one only being 3 weeks ago (Z130HDDU0BOC7). Today their is a 17.3Mb update, which updates your Z1 to firmware version Z130HDDU0BOD7. There is no change log at present, but early reports suggest it helps with […]
Apr 8, 2015
  The firmware update Z130HDDU0BOC7 TIZEN version was launched Over the Air (OTA) last week in India. There were reports that the launch was also in Bangladesh, but it seems that was not true at that time, but the update has gone LIVE NOW !!!!. The update measure in at 26.9Mb and there is […]
Mar 28, 2015
  The Samsung Z1 was release mid January and has received quite a few firmware / software updates on the way. Well, today we have another update that takes it to TIZEN version Z130HDDU0BOC7 which is available via an Over the Air (OTA) update. The update measure in at 26.9Mb and there is no […]
Mar 1, 2015
  Samsung Z1 Firmware Update The Samsung Z1, the first Tizen Smartphone, has received a software Over the Air (OTA) update today, taking it to version Z130HDDU0BOB3. This is the fourth rapid software update that Samsung has provided for the device since launch, and Samsung is able to do this as it has full source […]
Feb 18, 2015
  It's firmware update time, and this time it's for Samsung Galaxy Gear owners, with the update taking them to version V700XXUCOA2 (PHN) Tizen Apparently there are no notable changes in this release, so it's most likely aimed at performance and bugfixes. The update is only 3Mb.     Manual Check To manually check […]
Feb 16, 2015
  The Samsung NX1 Smart camera has recently had firmware 1.20 released that Introduced additional features and bug-fixes and was well received by photographers. Now NX1 Firmware version 1.21 has been released, and mainly has bug-fixes and general improvements. The firmware file is 293Mb zipped and is available to download from the Samsung NX1 support […]
Feb 9, 2015
  Samsung Z1 Firmware Update The Samsung Z1 is the first Tizen Smartphone released by the Korean Manufacturer, presently only available in India and Bangladesh. We have previously seen two software updates for it being released. Today, we see TIZEN version Z130HDDU0BOB2 being released as an Over the Air (OTA) update measuring in at […]
Jan 26, 2015
  Samsung Z1 Firmware It hasn't been too long since we've had the Tizen based Samsung Z1 Smartphone released in India, and already we have the third updated firmware for it. We now welcome version Z130HDDU0AOA2 and it is available to download immediately. Any of you hackers / develpers want to “Investigate” this firmware further? […]
Jan 25, 2015
  Its been a while since we have had a Samsung Gear S Firmware update, or does it just feel like it to me? well it looks like the latest firmware update is being pushed out in Germany (possibly other countries) as we speak via a Over The Air (OTA) update. According to a tweet […]
Jan 23, 2015
  We previously posted about the Samsung announcement of a major firmware update for the Tizen based NX1. Well today the Firmware is finally available to download. Measuring in at 291Mb Zipped, its certainly a huge file for Smart Camera. Firmware 1.2 gives you additional features, which includes customisation and there has been a loads of […]
Jan 14, 2015
  We were expecting firmware 1.20 to drop for the Samsung X1 Compact Systems Camera (CSC), and today it is available to download . You get more precision and speed with Key enhancements to movie functions, controls, the user interface and wireless capabilities. ​ One of the most sought after features was the ability to […]
Jan 1, 2015
  Samsung Z1 Firmware We previously saw firmware for the yet to be released Tizen based Samsung Z1 Smartphone version Z130HDDU0ANL7 emerge, and now we an updated version which is Z130HDDU0BNL9 and it is available to download immediately. We welcome the hacker community to “Investigate” this firmware further.   Details Model: SM-Z130H Model name: Country: […]
Dec 23, 2014
Yesterday we saw confirmation that the Tizen Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H was being released shortly in India. Today we see that the first firmware for the Z1, version Z130HDDU0ANL7, is available to download. Caution should always be taken with downloading and installing firmwares. Hey Tizen fans! First firmware for Samsung Z1 (SM-Z130H) Tizen phone is available […]
Dec 16, 2014
The Tizen Samsung NX-300M Smart Camera, the first officially announced Tizen Smart Camera, has now got a firmware update. The newest firmware is version 1.15. Change Log: Fixed EXIF information error that captured RAW + over shutter speed 0.5sec Do you think this error affects you? If so get downloading the 331Mb file (245Mb compressed). […]
Sep 18, 2014
  Today Samsung released a small firmware update (263Mb Compressed) for the Tizen based Samsung NX30 Smart Camera, bringing it to version 1.31, an update from the previous version of 1.30. With the update the NX30 now supports the newly announced 50-150mm Premium S Lens amongst other fixes.     Change Log Support 50-150mm S […]
Sep 7, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung NX300M has got an firmware update to version 1.13, that was out a little while ago, but it seems like there are lots of you users out there that have not heard of it !!! So heres the Information for you 🙂   Samsung NX300M Firmware Update 1.13 Below are […]
Jun 27, 2014
  Exciting times are ahead of application and platform developers with the release of Tizen Common as it has the ability to run on the Intel NUC DE3815TYKHE, which was one of the giveaways at the Tizen Developer Conference (as well as the Samsung Gear 2) If you have a Intel NUC and want to […]
Jun 18, 2014
  Both the Samsung Gear 2 (SM-R380) and Gear 2 Neo (SM-R381) have recently got updated to Tizen version, by the way of a 20Mb update. We now have Blocking Mode in the settings, which like the name implies, lets you block the notifications on the Smartwatch. There are two blocking options: Always - […]
May 31, 2014
  As we reported earlier yesterday, Tizen is now officially making its way onto the original Samsung Galaxy Gear 1, Model number SM-V700. You can update your Smart watch via Samsung kies desktop software or you can download the update file manually and flash it yourself, which is what we will explore here. WARNING: Manually […]

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