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Jan 20, 2021
Samsung has recently announced it's SmartThings Find service. Usually, it takes a good while for announced features and services to trickle down to end devices and consumers, but this time things are a bit different. The SmartThings Find Service is already rolling out to select Galaxy Active Watch 2 models. The software version is R820XXU1DUA3 […]
Nov 26, 2020
Yes, you heard it right, another software update for a Tizen based smartwatch and this time it is the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Currently the update is rolling out in the US and has a download size of 45.42MB and firmware version R825USQU1BTJ6. According to the offical changelog Galaxy Watch Active 2 users with get […]
Sep 10, 2020
Samsung, like usual, are taking some of the features from its latest flagship device, in this case the Galaxy Watch 3, and implementing them into older smartwatches. In this case the Galaxy WatchActive2. However, these same features aren't making it to the Galaxy Watch Active. Even though this smartwatch was released in 2019, it still […]
Jun 4, 2020
During the lockdown, it's understandable if you've let yourself slip a little. Now with Australia opening up gyms again, its one of the best times to get yourself a tracking buddy to help you get back on track. This little buddy is the Galaxy Watch Active2 - which happens to be on sale. The Galaxy […]
Feb 27, 2020
Samsung have introduced two new variants of their latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Active2. So far, these variants are coming to South Korea, the company's home country. The newest Golf Edition So what are these two new variants? Starting off, we have the Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition. As the name suggests, this variant is […]
Feb 18, 2020
Getting a newer smartwatch can be a pretty quick decision. But what about the size of the smartwatch? What features changes between the variant of sizes of the Galaxy Watch Active2? So, we are going over what size of the Galaxy Watch Active2 (40mm or 44mm) you probably need depending on your needs and wrist […]
Jan 23, 2020
The Galaxy Watch Active2 has had another update. This update isn't very large at all as it sizes up to a measly 19.26MB. The smartwatch is getting this update for improved system reliability according to its changelog. This means minor bug fixes to make your overall user experience better. The version number for this update […]
Jan 9, 2020
Great news fellow firmware upldate lovers - The Galaxy Watch Active2 has got another software update. The last update the smartwatch got was back in December. It was fairly minor as it only improved a slight bug where Always On Mode kept on turning on. As well as this, they improved the measurement of how […]
Dec 31, 2019
Many of our readers are now in posession of their shiny new Christmas gifts - Samsung wearables. So, If you're new to the Tizen smartwatch ecosystem, here is a run down of your smartwatches and their user manuals ready for you to download in PDF format. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 The Galaxy Watch Active2 is […]
Dec 23, 2019
Finally, the LTE version of the Galaxy Watch Active2 4G has been launched in India. The Galaxy Watch Active2 4G has an eSIM like the Galaxy Watch. The carriers for the Galaxy Watch Active2 4G are currently only Jio and Airtel in India. In many countries, the Galaxy Watch Active2 4G will come in the […]
Dec 2, 2019
The Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung's latest smartwatch / fitness tracker, has had an update being distributed for the last week or so. The good news today is that the UK and other parts of Europe and Asia are beginning to receive this update. After downloading and applying, you will be on software version R820XXU1BSK4 […]
Nov 27, 2019
One area that many Smartwatches can fail is in the area of battery life. Even though Samsung's Tizen based watches have good battery longevity - here is the ultimate tips guide to saving more battery life out of your Samsung smartwatch battery. The current technology that some of us wear on our wrists is wonderful. […]
Oct 25, 2019
Spigen is a well-known and reputable brand for their screen-protectors and phone cases. Now, you want to be able to keep your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 a little more safer? Now, the company have made a case for the smartwatch that will be in stock on Amazon on the 31th October. This item keeps going […]
Oct 22, 2019
Quite a few people have noticed that their Galaxy Watch Active2 has having a slight issue. When left on Watch Always On mode the screen kept on flickering when the setting was enabled. With this Galaxy Watch Active2 Update, people can stop worrying if there's a chance their smartwatch will explode (ok, a bit of […]
Oct 11, 2019
We've had the Galaxy Watch Active 2 been released but what about the Under Armour edition? Yes, the Galaxy Watch Active 2: Under Armour Edition is now available to buy at Best Buy. The 40mm model of the smartwatch has a starting price of $309 or you could pick a six-month financing plan where you […]
Oct 3, 2019
The My BP Lab App 2.0 has been updated and supports the Galaxy Watch Active 2. This allows the smartwatch to measure your blood pressure. The App promises to not only look at the blood pressure measurements, but also analyse and quantify how stress and daily experiences affect you throughout the day. How to take […]
Oct 1, 2019
Today, smartwatch users in the US will begin getting their first software / firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. One of the Important changes that this update brings with it is: the touch bezel on the watch will be turned on by default. Users that wanted to experience the new touch sensitive […]
Sep 23, 2019
The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has now gone on sale world wide with many people pre-ordering the watch. End users in the UK have already started receiving Samsung's latest wearable piece of tech. There is no shortage of UK retailers stocking the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Now, the user manual is available to download. It […]
Sep 20, 2019
The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has recently started being released, slowly making its way across the globe. One thing that people have noticed when getting their Galaxy Watch Active 2 Touch Bezel doesn't work. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 Touch Bezel is something that many people want to try out when buying the smartwatch. But […]
Sep 12, 2019
Another offer has been thrown into the ring when you pre-order the Galaxy Watch Active 2. You can get the Samsung Wireless Portable Battery. The nice little feature of this power pack is that you can wirelessly charge you new smartwatch. As you may know now, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been launched is […]

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