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Sep 12, 2011
  Bmx the game is now available for Meego. Complete each level with the top time to get 3 stars. Can you beat up this challenge? Bmx contains 45 challenging […]
Sep 10, 2011
  Chess Clock, a game clock for chess players is now available for Harmattan. It supports different time controls (time additions, delays, hour glass). Timers are adjustable, different time settings […]
Sep 8, 2011
  Get Jelly Wars and join Star Arcade - the number one Social Mobile Gaming Community! Jelly Wars is a turn-based strategy game where two players battle by firing jelly […]
Sep 6, 2011
  A 15-piece slide puzzle written in qml. It is with numbered pieces now and i'd like to add picture pieces later. The OBS Harmattan target is broken now so […]
Aug 31, 2011
  Introducing the EmuMaster project: The aim of EmuMaster project is to emulate popular consoles like NES, SNES, GB, C64 and more. I know that there is a lot of […]
Aug 25, 2011
  Wagic is an heroic fantasy collectible trading card game. In Wagic, you play as a wizard against the CPU with your army of minions. You start the game with […]
Aug 25, 2011 Miniature 0.3 Berlin Defence This is the first release of Miniature for MeeGo Harmattan which is, in fact, a total restart from the Miniature project born with […]
Aug 19, 2011
  A Quest Too Far is roguelike game made on 7 days by Geoffrey White. SDL, character graphics, fullscreen. No mouse support, keyboard only. No support for saving nor hiscore […]
Aug 15, 2011
  This is the traditional Nokia N900 game for Maemo. Major change are related to new graphics and usage of touch interface to direct snake. Now Maemo version no longer support Accelerometer, […]
Jul 26, 2011
  "The 2010 Intel AppUpSM developer challenge Grand Prize winner, Most Elegant Application."1 "Ancient Frog is a graphically stunning, meditative brain bender based off of an entirely original idea, and […]
May 6, 2011
  Drone Taxi is a Game for AR Drone that was inspired by Commodore 64 game space taxi, the idea being to transfer customers between landing pads. The game was […]
Mar 26, 2011
Cool little game was written by Juuso Kosonen of written in Qt Quick. Simple and to the point.     Try to avoid planets with your Darth Flier. Press the […]
Jan 14, 2011
Angry Birds by Rovio has been available for SmartPhones and other consoles for a while now and its great to see that it has made its way to Intel's AppUp […]
Oct 29, 2010
A Guide/Tutorial on how to install Asphalt5 WebOS Game on Nokia N900:- Before you start, you need the following apps installed in your N900- PreenV app for N900 Any third party […]
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