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Apr 10, 2014
  Samsung introduced the functionalities of the Gear 2 series at Barcelona's MWC2014. Which makes sense as most people buy gadgets and tools to use them: The nitty gritty doesn't really interest them. We like the functionalities as well but even more what's under the hood. More specifically: Why is there such an increase in […]
Apr 9, 2014
Many are waiting for the global launch of the Tizen Samsung Gear 2, which should be on the 11th April with many Online retailers listing it as coming soon (Amazon, Best Buy) or some are actually selling it. If your interested in really get to grips with your Tech and handson then we have the […]
Apr 9, 2014
Samsung introduced their wearables  Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit in February at the MWC in Barcelona. Some European countries are still waiting for the first models on sale but India now is covered by the official Samsung India e-store. The Gear 2 and Gear 2 each have a 1.63 inch  Super AMOLED display with 320 x […]
Apr 9, 2014
  Flick Dat is an Android Application that was developed by Actor Damon Wayans, which has transitioned from the large phone screen to the smaller Tizen Gear 2 screen.     Flick Dat is a business card sharing app that lets you send your business card to other android users with a simple "flick" gesture. […]
Apr 8, 2014
  Want to get a Brand new Tizen Samsung Gear 2 Neo before the rest of the crowd? Well Samsung are teaming up with eBay to bring you a chance to bid for one that is signed by Damon Wayans, with 100% of the final sale price going to the Charity "Children's Hospice and Palliative […]
Apr 7, 2014
  The first US retailer listing the Samsung Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo was Amazon. Now Best Buy have listed our Tizen Smartwatch as coming soon. The prices listed match Amazon as $299 for the Samsung Gear 2, and $199 for the Samsung Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. Please note that the Samsung […]
Apr 7, 2014
  We have previously reported that Samsung was developing a Samsung Gear 2 type Smartwatch that had built in voice calling functionality, by utilising its own inbuilt radios and a USIM module and therefore would not need to rely on being linked to a Smartphone. Now more claims have surfaced confirming that the device will […]
Apr 7, 2014
  Samsung has now released it first Tizen wearable device, the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, with shipments already started in the UK and many more countries getting ready to ship for 11 April. Now that you've got your shiny new bling you need wallpapers !!! We have some fantastic, high quality Wallpapers […]
Apr 4, 2014
  The latest Samsung Tizen Smartwatches are now listed on Amazon for pre-order. The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit (not Tizen) are listed in Black, Grey, Orange and Titan Silver colours. The Gear 2 is listed at $299, whilst the Gear 2 Neo & Gear Fit are both at $199. The release […]
Apr 2, 2014
I'm a desk chair jockey and I know I should move more. Now some of you use stuff like endomodo, which was one of the few health-apps available for symbian, and I now have it on my Samsung Note 3. Bit clumsy on my wrist though and sure, Samsung came to my rescue: No more […]
Apr 1, 2014
  Yes, you heard us right, UK Online retailer Unlocked Mobiles has got a limited supply of the Samsung Gear 2 Neo (only black) and the Samsung Gear Fit on sale, both priced at £179.98 including VAT and are reportedly selling fast, actually the Gear 2 Neo is selling faster than the Gear Fit.   […]
Apr 1, 2014
  With the release of the Tizen Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch and the accompanying SDK, we are looking forward to seeing what use this technology can be put to. One use case is fitness and we should see more titles coming soon, but one that will be ready to go at Launch is Dacadoo. The […]
Mar 28, 2014
  Samsung have announced their next flagship phone, the Galaxy S5 in India, and have also released the pricing for their next generation wearables. For Gear 2 we are looking at 21,900 Rs, whilst the Gear 2 Neo and the Gear Fit can be had for 15,900 Rs. All these new devices will be available […]
Mar 24, 2014
  Once there were the rumours that the US would not receive a Tizen smartphone and now in sharp contrast the US are one of the first countries to receive the Tizen based Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Smartwatches. US AT&T have announced their pricing for latest Samsung products that were announced at […]
Mar 18, 2014
  The Tizen Samsung Wearable SDK 1.0.0 Beta 1 was released yesterday for the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Smartwatches. Below are the direct links for the Install Manager and SDK Images: Install Manager PLATFORM INSTALL MANAGER FILE SIZE MD5 CHECKSUM UPDATED DATE Ubuntu® 32bits tizen-wearable-sdk-2.2.150_ubuntu32.bin 4.0M 7c54fc04ebef6fb7162760070c6a0524 Mar 17, 2014 Ubuntu® 64bits tizen-wearable-sdk-2.2.150_ubuntu64.bin 4.1M […]
Mar 17, 2014
  Samsung today have announced that the Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) for Wearables is now available to download at the Tizen Developer website. The Tizen Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are seen are strategic gateways that will attract developers at large to populate a new Tizen Smartwatch ecosystem, but then also lead […]
Mar 5, 2014
  So theres loads of excitement about the Tizen Samsung Gear 2 floating around at the moment and the thing we need more of is more VIDEOS !!!! To be able to package HTML5 Apps and deploy to my own device, now thats nice. This is a video taken at Mobile World Congress 2014 with […]
Feb 23, 2014
  We knew Samsung was keen about using Tizen in different form factors and today before Mobile World Congress they announced the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch, which will be running Tizen underneath the hood and will replace the cut down Android OS before it. We now have two models, the Samsung Gear 2 and the […]
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