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Jul 29, 2016
  Update: Users are reporting that this update is now going LIVE in the US Recently we have reported on a new software update that is available Over the Air […]
Jul 26, 2016
Samsung's tool for creating your own watchfaces - the Gear Watch Designer Beta program has been given a new update for both Mac and Windows. The major highlight of the […]
Jul 20, 2016
  InnomdleLab showcased their unique smartwatch accessory- TipTalk, a Smart Strap back in CES 2016. The company got incubated successfully out of Samsung's C Labs and have now taken the […]
Jul 19, 2016
  The Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic are great Tizen smartwatches and many users have been waiting for them to receive the ability to use the mobile payment service […]
Jul 18, 2016
Samsung's best selling wearable device, the Gear S2 is now getting its's third firmware focusing majorly on the user experience and speed of access. Apart from updates, bug fixes changes […]
Jul 15, 2016
  We have recently reported on the new features and also improvements to the overall user experience that the upcoming Gear S2 software update will provide. Today, Samsung have begun […]
Jul 15, 2016
Samsung has been on a roll in renaming services owned by the company. Sami being renamed into ARTIK cloud is one of the popular examples. Samsung in collaboration with […]
Jul 14, 2016
  Gear S2 Major Update Samsung is in the process of preparing what is being called a major update for the Gear S2 that adds new features and user improvements. […]
Jul 13, 2016
  Today, there is another release of an app that I think our Samsung Gear S2 readers might like the look of. iHeartRadio is now available on the Samsung Galaxy […]
Jul 12, 2016
  Mobile telecom operator Orange has joined forces with Gemalto, an International digital security firm, to launch the Gear S2 Classic 3G version in France. As the name suggests this […]
Jul 7, 2016
  The recently announced open cloud platform from Samsung - The ARTIK Cloud is all set to extend the connectivity features of the Gear S2 with its services. The Gear […]
Jul 4, 2016
  My Notes available for Gear S2 The My Notes app has been released for previous Tizen smartwatches like the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Neo, and Gear S. Now this […]
Jun 30, 2016
  iNels Home Control App for Gear S2 The iNELS system (intelligent Electro-installation System) is a product that was developed in the Czech Republic by the company ELKO EP that […]
Jun 29, 2016
  Sideload watchfaces with watchland The Gear S2 is a fantastic smartwatch and is holding its own against the competition, Android wear and others. There are loads of watchfaces that […]
Jun 27, 2016
  WatchMaster features a collection of 200+ high quality and unique watch face designs that up to now have been available for Android wear devices, but have now finally been […]
Jun 1, 2016
  Watchland app There are many apps that we come across for review and sometimes they are a little special, as in the case for Watchland for the Samsung Gear […]
May 24, 2016
As a traveller, what do you do when you get to a new place and you need to find something ? Well as a Samsung Gear S2 owner you could […]
May 24, 2016
Sideload with watchland The Gear S2 is unarguably one of the better designed and good looking smartwatch available in the market. Given that its been around for a while now, […]
Apr 14, 2016
  The Gear S2 is Samsung’s flagship smartwatch and enjoys some frequent software / firmware updates. Now we see that there are lots more users that are enjoying the latest […]
Apr 12, 2016
FidMe, one of Samsung's global partners for the Gear S2 comes pre-loaded on the smartwatch. The popular loyalty wallet application is available on almost every mobile platform and provides users […]

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