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Feb 18, 2016
  Samsung have announced the Samsung Gear S2 classic will be released in a 3G/4G variant (black) and will be available beginning Friday, March 11. Further in the US consumers will be able to purchase the device on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. You will have the ability to make voice calls, text, email and receive […]
Feb 18, 2016
Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatches have single handedly brought the firm back in the wearable electronics game so far. Samsung has made full use of this success by launching multiple variants of the Gear S2 like the sports, classic and 3G editions. Samsung even went to the lengths of launching premium Rose Gold and Titanium editions […]
Feb 2, 2016
  Using a mere 1.2 inch touch screen to text might not be the smartest thing to do on a smartwatch, with smartphone screens getting bigger everyday texting on a much smaller screen isn't convenient either. But there certainly will be occasions when getting hold of your smartphone to send a quick message could be […]
Jan 29, 2016
  Just days after Samsung announced the global roll-out of the more premium variants of its Gear S2 classic smartwatch, Rose Gold and Platinum, the smartwatches made way into stores in USA and parts of Europe for pre-orders. The pre-orders for the Tizen based smartwatches are now up in United Kingdom via an online retailer […]
Jan 27, 2016
  With the Gear S2 smartwatch being a great hit for Samsung, the South Korean consumer electronics giant had recently unveiled two new Rose Gold and Platinum edtions of the Gear S2 at CES 2016, Las Vegas. These new variants take a premium makeover while keeping the innards of the smartwatch similar to the regular […]
Jan 26, 2016
  Samsung's popular smartwatch, the Gear S2 comes in two design Variants and are named the Gear S2 Sports and the Gear S2 Classic. While Samsung provides customization for both the watches with different straps, Samsung seems to have messed up a bit in how they're connected to the watches. The Sports edition's straps are […]
Jan 22, 2016
  Uber is a taxi service that just screams convenience. No more calling up Taxi companies and feeling left in the dark as to when your taxi will turn up. Uber lets you choose the type of Taxi you want and then even shows your Taxi making its way to you. How cool. Now the […]
Jan 22, 2016
Yesterday, the Gear S2 was finally launched in India, with a starting price of Rs. 24300. With so many Tizen Indian developers, this was a market that needed the S2. What else does this market need? Well a popular Game developer company best known for their Cricket and Golf mobile games is now bringing a […]
Jan 22, 2016
  Samsung have announced two additional variants of the Gear S2 Smartwatch at CES 2016. The difference being that the S2 is now being offered in Rose Gold and Platinum versions, which should appeal to customers who desire that extra "bling". One of the first countries that you can pre-order the devices is in the […]
Jan 21, 2016
  The Gear S2 was launched just ahead of IFA 2015 and since then there are many apps that have been or are currently being developed for this Smartwatch. Now, one particular app i've been waiting for, the SmartThings app, is said to be coming soon. The app was launched for the Gear S at […]
Jan 21, 2016
Today, Samsung have officially unveiled two of its best selling innovative accessories - The Gear S2 smartwatch and the Gear VR headset in India and will be made available both on online and offline stores. The Gear S2 smartwatch was launched in two variants, the Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic. The Tizen based smartwatches […]
Jan 21, 2016
  I look at my Gear S2 in the mornings at about a quarter past 10am and pull down the notification window to see the word “standalone.” I breathe a sigh of relief. It’s nice to make phone calls and send texts from my wrist, but my desire for a standalone smartwatch is frustrated with […]
Jan 20, 2016
  Just a couple of days earlier, we had reported a speculation of Samsung's Gear S2 and Gear VR being unveiled in India very soon. Samsung have now gone ahead of the speculations and formally invited the media for a launch event taking place on January 21. The Indian market has seen many wearables and […]
Jan 18, 2016
  Being a Samsung Gear S2 owner I can really appreciate the benefits of having a smartwatch with an innovative circular user interface, and also what value the Tizen Operating System brings to such a device. It is currently on-sale for $299 in the US, but you can now get it with a cumulative $100 […]
Jan 18, 2016
The trend of launching a device first in the western nations (or the home country of the brand) and then after a long time making its way to India is something that has been slowly fading away recently, two of Samsung's most popular accessories from 2015 however; the Gear S2 smartwatch and the Gear VR […]
Jan 14, 2016
  A little motivation from others can make people do brave things. Now with a community of over 15 million people all sharing one mutual determination of staying fit by working out, that becomes a motivation on a whole new level. Skimble is a platform with that sort of a huge community.     Skimble […]
Jan 14, 2016
  If the officials at Apple had been watching Samsung's CES keynote this year, its for certain to have sent some chills up their nerves for one of the key announcements made on their plans for future smartwatches and Gear S2. Samsung announced that a major OTA is on its way mid January which will […]
Jan 13, 2016
  Media Square - a connected experience Our media devices are increasingly becoming more connected as we diverge further from the the one user, one device, one app setup that we are used to, as this does not apply to an environment that has multiple devices, with lots of media that can be shared to […]
Jan 11, 2016
In all honesty, this year at CES had a lot of things happening in wearable electronics but surprisingly Smartwatches weren't the reason for it (except for Huawei and Fitbit). One of the many reasons to why consumers aren't jumping onto the smartwatch bandwagon has to deal with the lack of a robust method to chat/text […]
Jan 6, 2016
  Gear S2 in 18K Rose Gold and Platinum The Samsung Gear S2 has been already been released in a sporty looking S2 and also a more elegant S2 Classic. Now Samsung have launched two more new elegant editions of the Gear S2 classic at CES 2016, one encased in 18K Rose Gold and another […]

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