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Oct 10, 2018
Yesterday, Google announced their latest Tablet, the Google Pixel Slate at their “Made By Google” event. The last time the company launched a tablet was back in 2015 with the Pixel C that ran Android. The Android OS is a good OS for Smartphones, but it doesn't scale well on a tablet and just seems […]
Jun 23, 2018
The Beta channel for Chrome OS has been updated to 68.0.3440.34 (Platform version: 10718.29.0) for Chrome OS devices, Including the Pixelbook and Samsung Chromebook Plus. I explicitly mention these two devices as they were both previously blocked from the Beta update to 68.0.3440.25 (Platform version: 10718.22.0) - I wonder why? Many users, including me, have been […]
Jun 1, 2018
Chrome OS is an OS that was created by Google. On their devices, they've changed how you can access the shortcuts on the keyboard. Some people don't bother to find out the new way and others don't like the new way.  If you're not sure if you have the new modifications, press Crtl + Alt and […]

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