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Apr 5, 2018
Google's smart home assistants-cum-smart speakers, Google Home and Home Mini will be launched in India this month. This move has been widely anticipated, since Google rolled-out Hindi support for Google Assistant last month. A tweet by Google India has now confirmed the news. “Get ready to #MakeGoogleDoIt, at home too. Coming soon,” tweeted Google India, with a picture of […]
Mar 22, 2018
As our homes become more connected and intelligent, smart speakers have quietly become an integral part of every such homes. A smart speaker can not just play music, but it also gets you information, and many times lets you control your connected devices. So if you're looking to get one for your home, Best Buy is hosting a […]
Jan 3, 2018
Amazon Echo and Google Home have now become the household names when it comes to all-connect smart speakers. There's also a smaller version of the Google Home in the market, named as Google Home Mini. If you've got either of the devices or are planning to get one, here's a quick look at what these devices […]

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