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Jul 5, 2021
Nine malicious apps have been found to collect users Facebook login details. These apps had around 5 million downloads by real-time users. This information was recently found by the anti-virus software company Dr Web that specialises in analysing various sources and exterminating any viruses that may be present. The full information has been posted on […]
May 17, 2018
YouTube has just released an update to its Android app, bringing in a new "Incognito Mode" to the app. The Incognito Mode in browsers is a well-known and extremely useful feature, especially when you're logging into your account on someone else's computer. All the popular browser apps have it, as does Gboard. SwiftKey is another Android app […]
Apr 17, 2018
Samsung is now offering a new model of its flagship Chromebook, the Chromebook Pro, with a backlit keyboard. Designed for professionals, the Chromebook Pro was launched on May 2017.  It was one of the first Chromebooks to ship with Google Play out of the box, giving owners the luxury of Android apps, along with the cloud-based benefits of […]
Jan 22, 2018
Today, January 22nd, E-Commerce giant Amazon is ready to open its checkout-free Amazon Go convenience store in Seattle. The store which is located at 2131 7th Avenue WA, Seattle and will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Friday. A corresponding app has also been released to Google Play. The Amazon Go app will […]
Jan 18, 2018
Virtual Private Network (VPN) services for Android devices have always had a high demand, even more since the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability surfaced last October. If you search for VPN in the Google Play Store, quite a long list of VPN apps show up. Some may be legit ones, but many of them are fake apps […]
May 12, 2017
It took me a little while to figure this one out, but here it goes. Tizen App Share - is an Android app that allows you to download Tizen apps and then send them to any Tizen Device. Apparently, you can transfer 99% of the filesize of Tizen apps from the Tizen Store, quickly and easily delivered to the Tizen […]
Dec 9, 2016
4K content was extremely rare when the first high-resolution TV sets started to hit the market. Fast forward to 2016 and we have a decent of 4K Ultra HD content in the form of TV shows, movies, internet media, etc. Google recently announced that it has expanded its 4K movie library to more than 125 […]
Nov 5, 2013
Many developers, from all cultures, are working towards porting their products for the Tizen platform. Apps that will help you to connect with others, tweak your phone or tablet, widgets that will help you live your life and of course: Games! One of these developers is POROPI. They created a Ketatchi game that was based […]
Sep 3, 2013
  Here is a Video Demo of Android Apps Angry Birds and IMDB running on a Tizen smartphone (Tizen Developer Device RD-PQ) courtesy of OpenMobile's ACL Solution! As a recap OpenMobile's Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) enables Android applications to run on non-Android operating systems and needs to be integrated at the OS Level.   Video: […]
Mar 10, 2012
Google's content portal for Android apps, music, books and video content has been consolidated under a new name -- Google Play. Google Play which is now live on the web at, will replace the old Android Market, Google Music, Google Books and Videos service, giving users  a clear one-stop location for content. The way you […]

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