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Mar 23, 2012
  The Following Story appeared on AllBoutN9: Several users asked how it's possible to install and use moreinstant messaging clients on Nokia N9. An application calledExtraplugins exactly does that - Nokia banned […]
Mar 12, 2012
Here is a Video showing two Nokia N9's having a gTalk VIDEO chat. Yes Baby, VIDEO where the ability to do so was first introduced with PR1.2 Firmware. You do […]
Mar 2, 2012
  gTalk Video has now become available for the Nokia N9 via a download off the Nokia Store. The App fully integrates video calling into the contact list.   This […]
Dec 23, 2011
  This post is an introduction to the next several posts. If you’re bored with QtQuick introductions (since there are many)… then there’s probably nothing to see here. Composite (and […]

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