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Nov 18, 2014
  The Tizen based Samsung Gear S is a great Smartwatch with Integrated 3G cellular and data capabilities. The 2" Super AMOLED Curved touchscreen really is a pleasure to use. You can use data on this device using the Integrated SIM Card or the bluetooth connection to your Samsung Smartphone (hopefully other manufacturers soon) or […]
Aug 26, 2011
    Asus's Eee PC-X101 has started shipping in Germany and here Johannes from NewGadgets.De goes through not only the unboxing, but a hands on Review as well:     I hope this tides you over until we get our own review unit 🙂
Aug 11, 2011
  After your instalment of Contour on Plasma Active goodness yesterday, you didn’t think we would will leave you like that, You know, wanting more. Well heres more !!! More of a Look at the User Interface bits without going into the technical mechanics too much.   We are totally excited about the possibilities of this project. Are […]
Aug 8, 2011
  It had to happen and about time to, MeeGoExperts gets hands on time with the the Nokia N9 and I really wasn't disappointed 🙂 This is not a review of the unit, just a quick walk through and this is still considered Beta software BUT it performs brilliantly. NOTHING Multitasks like this thing, NOTHING. […]
Jul 11, 2011
  Dhruv Bhutani from the Fone Arena got his greasy hands on the Nokia N950 (what Jealous? Me? No !!! Lol). He looks at the Terminal, Office Docs including PDF and Hardware. Here are the Videos to tell the tale of what happened next:       Looking good ?
Feb 21, 2011
Here is a quick walk through of the interface of the MeeGo ExoPC. We did not go through it extensively due to the fact that this is a Pre-Alpha version and much of what you may may not reflect what the final shipping product will look like.

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