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Aug 18, 2017
The Tizen Smartphone OS is now approximately 2 years & 6 months old and Samsung Electronics Co. has already released four Tizen Smartphones in many countries such as Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 & Samsung Z4 with more devices coming soon; such as the rumoured as Samsung Z5 & Samsung Z9 and may be more. Already many app development […]
Oct 23, 2015
  There are many lucky people in India currently receiving their new Samsung Z3 Smartphones. Once powering up the Tizen device they will find that HERE Maps comes pre-loaded and ready to navigate you around. HERE Maps features a map viewer with the ability to search, walk, drive and public transit routing and turn-by-turn voice […]
Sep 25, 2015
  HERE Maps has been a long-time partner of Tizen and has already shipped on some of its products, the Samsung Z1 Smartphone and also the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch. Now HERE has made an announcement that HERE Maps will also support the upcoming successor to the Gear S, the Gear S2. The mapping solution […]
Feb 27, 2015
  Tizen at Mobile World Congress 2015 We are now in the final stages of preparation for Mobile World Congress next week, taking place at Fira Gran Via Barcelona, Spain 2-5 March 2015. We expect many things from the show, Including the first showing of the Samsung Z1 Smartphone outside of India and Bangladesh, Tizen […]
Dec 18, 2014
  We've sang the praises of Nokia Maps quite a few times and been filled with a warm glow knowing that it is a strong mapping solution for Tizen . Now the Here mapping platform will provide the Chinese search company Baidu with its mapping capabilities, for both desktop and mobile devices. There is one caveat to […]
Aug 29, 2014
  HERE have announced their mapping solution called HERE for Gear for Tizen based smartphones and wearables from Samsung. Users will be able to use the maps offline and online (as current Nokia phones can). On the recently announced Samsung Gear S you will be able to tap on the navigator icon to start HERE […]
May 8, 2014
  Symphony Teleca have bee involved with Tizen for quite some time now, and initially announced that they would be part of the Tizen ecosystem at the Tizen Developer Summit in Korea 2013. They are were of the first 36 companies that enrolled into the Tizen Partner Program. They already had their TurnByTurn walking navigation […]
Feb 26, 2014
This is a Video demo of HERE Maps running on a Tizen Prototype Device, showing the type of displays and information that can be obtained. HERE Maps gives developers the ability to easily integrate a great mapping solution that can enable map viewer functionality directly into their application via the HERE add-on API.   You […]
Nov 12, 2013
  Nokia have announced that they will be offering its HERE Maps service and support to the Tizen Operating System, which it also currently offers on Windows Phone, iOS, Android and FireFox OS.     At the Tizen Developer Summit HERE Maps had a session showing the ease of implementing their API for developers to […]
Oct 20, 2013
  HERE is a maps and navigation service by Nokia Business unit which was previously named Ovi Maps and Nokia Maps. Having visited the Windows Phone platform, iOS, Android and Firefox OS, application HERE will soon be available also for Tizen. HERE relies on NAVTEQ mapping data, which was acquired by Nokia in October 2007, […]

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