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Dec 15, 2021
The newest wearable technology has given us smartwatch features that assist us in managing our hectic lives. Here's what to look for now. Watches have evolved from simple time-keeping devices to more complicated ones. However, smartwatches and fitness trackers are not interchangeable. Here's a list of everything you need to know about smartwatch features. Who […]
Dec 6, 2021
Smart home devices are designed and built to help you unlock the power and convenience of automation in connection with your smartphone. Smart Home Devices Great things happen when design and technology meet. This is exactly what smart devices are about. We buy and install these devices at home and enjoy the benefits. Here is […]
Aug 15, 2011
  The distribution of the Nokia N9 globally has been a sorry tale of "NO's" as Nokia tell US / UK / Germany that the Nokia will not be shipping it in these countries. Well, time for some good news. Its looks like a Amazon Market retailer "Hot Gadgets" will ship Nokia N9's from the […]

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