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May 27, 2019
Nvidia has announced a new line of laptops powered by its RTX graphics processing units (GPU). The new laptops will be available from seven top OEMs starting June. The company also announced a new software platform called Nvidia Studio. The platform, which combines RTX GPUs with specialized SDKs and drivers, will make graphics rendering and […]
Nov 21, 2018
The are various tech companies going after the "two in one market" and HP is right there, leading this segment in many ways. The two in one form factor is becoming popular as it combines a tablet and a laptop, whilst adding their strengths and not inheriting too much of their respective weaknesses. The Hewlett-Packard […]
Oct 9, 2018
Earlier this month, an upgraded variant of the HP Chromebook X2 was spotted in France, at a reported price of €799 (approx. $920). While the device is yet to hit any other markets, HP has made another option available for interested buyers. The company has announced a premium version of the Chromebook x360 at a starting price […]
Oct 2, 2018
A new variant of the Chromebook x2 is available in France as a new listing is spotted on the HP website reveals. Discovered by Kevin Tofel of AboutChromebooks, it's a high-end Chromebook featuring Intel Core i5 and 8 GB of RAM. Kevin further claims the device to be already available in France at €799.00.   Chromebook x2 with Intel Core i5 HP's […]
Jul 23, 2018
It's deal time again! This time, we've got the HP Chromebook x2 and a printer of all things 🙂 Let us start off with: what is the HP Chromebook x2? for those who don't know already. The HP Chromebook x2 is a 12.3-inch laptop that’s really a detachable tablet as well. Unlike the earlier Chromebook […]
Jun 20, 2018
Back is April, HP announced the Chromebook x2, a convertible 2-in-1 Chromebook laptop with a detachable screen. The much-anticipated Chromebook, which happens to be the world’s first detachable Chrome device, was launched in the US earlier this month, at a starting price of $600. However, as has always been the case with Chromebooks from many other OEMs, the HP Chromebook […]
Jun 3, 2018
HP's first Chromebook went up for pre-order in April and was supposed to hit the market by June 10th but it seems that Best Buy has got it a little early. If you don't know, Best Buy Co., Inc. is an American multinational consumer electronics retailer.  HP's very first Chromebook has actually got a detachable […]
May 21, 2018
Early in April, HP announced Chromebook x2, a convertible 2-in-1 Chromebook laptop with a detachable screen. Now it looks like the company is all ready to begin shipping the device. A new Best Buy listing for the HP Chromebook has surfaced where you can pre-order the device to have it delivered to you as soon as it's available.   HP […]
Apr 10, 2018
Late in March, Acer announced Chromebook Tab 10, the first tablet to run Chrome OS. Two weeks later, HP has now announced the second, Chromebook x2, and it's a lot more high-end one.   HP Chromebook x2 The HP Chromebook x2 is a 12.3 inch laptop that's really a detachable tablet as well. Unlike the […]
Jan 9, 2018
The war of the consumer AI assistants has already set foot in 2018 with a bang and its Amazon's Alexa creating all the noises. What started off as a cute little voice assistant in Amazon's cylindrical shaped speakers is all set to explore new devices in 2018. This was bound to happen as Alexa had already […]
Jun 19, 2012
HP are currently hiring senior Qt engineers. If you go to the Website and search for Job ID: 997835. Other Positions are available and searchable with the keyword: webOS. Here is the Link to the HP job search:   Source Yannick Pellet's Blog
May 25, 2012
    It looks like the HP team responsible for Enyo — webOS's HTML5-based application framework that debuted on the TouchPad — will be leaving the company and starting at Google shortly. The future of Open webOS is unclear at the moment as Enyo and the developers supporting it are central to HP's open source strategy for […]
Dec 10, 2011
The code behind the mobile operating system, WebOS, is being released to open source software developers by Hewlett Packard. The tech company acquired the software when it bought the smartphone maker Palm for $1.2bn (£767m) last year. HP used the code to power its short-lived range Touchpad tablet computers before it abandoned the product line. […]
Aug 18, 2011
  Today HP Confirmed that WebOS is dead, they might have flowered up the words up a bit, but basically its dead. WebOS was seen as an alternative Operating System to MeeGo as both are / were based on the Linux Kernel. This was an Operating System that initially caught the imagination with slick multitasking […]

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