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Sep 14, 2017
Nexstreaming just released an HLS/DASH streaming player which is compatible with all browsers and produces the highest video quality. This streaming player is called NexPlayer HTML5. Regardless of the browser and device being used, OTT video content can now be played and streamed with the HD Video quality. A lot of work and time was […]
Dec 16, 2016
Samsung recently held a special 1-hour workshop that covered the main features of the Gear S3, their latest Tizen Smartwatch, and talked potential developers though how they could develop their first HTML5 Web App. This is an Introduction to Gear S3 web app development and will take you through all the steps in creating a Heart Rate Monitor […]
Dec 13, 2016
As you know, the Tizen Experts Team are as excited as it gets about the recently launched Gear S3, the latest addition to the Tizen wearable portfolio. It has it all (almost ?), GPS, Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), Rotating bezel, Accelerometer, Gyro, Altimeter, Barometer, Support of Web widgets, and more. If your an application or game developer and […]
Jul 20, 2015
  There are quite a few gaming engines available on the Tizen platform. Phaser.js is a Desktop and Mobile HTML5 open source game Framework for canvas and WebGL powered browser games. Watch the video below for an introduction to sprites, physics, and colliders as Samsung Developers create a game with falling objects. The source code […]
Jun 19, 2015
Samsung Electronics have released their Next Gear SDK to developers in order for them to start developing applications for the Next Gear Smartwatch. This is the first time that Samsung has released an SDK before the actual device has been released. Today there has been an update to the Gear SDK, bringing it to version […]
May 1, 2015
  Tizen have been in development for several years now and we are proud to have products in the market place in the form of Smart watches, a Smart Phone, Smart TV and Smart Cameras. This is a great opportunity for application and game developers to explore a new ecosystem. There are some things that […]
Apr 28, 2015
  Tizen is a new Linux based HTML5 centric Operating System that will offer developers a great opportunity for developers to bring their existing or new apps to a brand new ecosystem, where they actually have a chance of being discovered, and better still stand a chance of generating some real cash revenue. The above […]
Apr 17, 2015
  Tizen is a linux based operating system that is well suited as being a multi platform OS such as phones, cameras, watches, TV and even vehicles . As we know, Tizen is the OS of everything and boasts excellent HTML5 support. It combines cutting edge open source technologies such as Wayland and the Crosswalk […]
Feb 5, 2015
Before we start I want to thank all the attendees that were present at FOSDEM's Tizen community meeting, It was really cool to meet you there, I can say that attendees were very excited about playing with an actual Tizen Z1 smart phone, tell me if I am wrong but I think this was the […]
Dec 31, 2014
  What is the Game Service Platform (GSP) ? The Games Service is a dedicated gaming service on the Tizen TV’s Smart Hub. It provides various games of different genres such as sports, racing, shooting, puzzle etc… It supports different monetization models, such as free-to-play, in-app purchase, paid apps etc… It supports games developed with […]
Dec 14, 2014
  Tizen DevLab and Portathon At the recent Tizen DevLab and Portathon that took place in London, developers got to learn about the Tizen Operating System, SDK, Web runtime, APIs and how you can port your app over to Tizen. Ash, who is part of the Playir team presented a session on Porting your web […]
Oct 10, 2014
  The Samsung Developer Conference is a 3 day conference from November 11-13, 2014 held at the Moscone west, San Francisco, CA. We have previously covered this conference and our thoughts about it previously. Today Samsung has released more sessions onto the Schedule as detailed below, making it an even more compelling conference to attend. […]
Sep 24, 2014
  The Tizen offering at last years Samsung Developer Conference 2013 wasn't particularly Interesting, but i'm excited to say this years conference is significantly better in terms of sessions and content "geared" towards Tizen. Now Tizen actually stands out as a Topic, for you to learn about this "rapidly growing growing, open platform optimized for […]
Sep 18, 2014
  Samsung Electronics showed off the very first Tizen-OS based smart TVs at Samsung Open Source Conference held at the Grand Inter-continental Hotel in Samsung-dong, Seoul. The reveal was shown as part of the 'Overview on Tizen TV Architecture' session. Tizen TV was presented running on a 65inch Smart TV Model UN65H8000AF had already been […]
Aug 18, 2014
  The date for this years HTML5 Developer Conference is set as Monday, October 20, 2014 at 7:00 AM - Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 9:00 PM (PDT) San Francisco, CA. The conference will cover HTML5, various JavaScript platforms such as Node.js & Angular.js, WebGL, Bootstap, UI/ UX Design and others topics.   HTML5 Developers […]
Jul 15, 2014
  The HTML5 Developer Conference is an excellent place for web developers and technologists to gather and discuss the current scope, direction and new technologies involved with HTML5. It is also an excellent place to see if you can find people to collaborate on particular projects. The Conference dates for this year are: October 20 […]
Jun 1, 2014
  Samsung has confirmed today that they will be unveiling its Software Development Kit (SDK) for its Tizen TV based profile at next weeks Tizen Developer Conference. It is hoped this will raise awareness of Tizen TV, and demonstrate how easily developers can create , port and re-size existing applications with HTML5 , JavaScript and […]
May 5, 2014
  Things are heating up for the Tizen Developer Conference, that will be held in San Francisco next month (June 2-4). We have had the announcements of the session schedule, Marmalade developer discount, and the DevLab, and now theres more. We are hearing that there maybe a quantity of Tizen Gear 2 Smart watches, that […]
Apr 23, 2014
  Dr. Jong-Deok Choi (JD Choi), Executive Vice President  (VP) of Samsung Electronics Software R & D Center, who is also the co-Chair of the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG) was one of the most important speakers on the International World Wide Web Conference -23 or WWW 2014. JD Choi give a presentation titled "Taming the Web" […]
Apr 23, 2014
Attention developers! Samsung has announced a challenge for application development for the Samsung Gear devices, including our favourite Smart watches powered by Tizen. The competition is starting from 8th May. It is open for developers around the world and the total prize is $1,250,000. Several developer events related to Gear App challenge will be organized […]
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