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Aug 26, 2014
Huawei boss is not committed to Tizen

  Here at Tizen Experts have always looked quite fondly towards Huawei. If you've seen the quality of the Smartphones that the company has been producing of late, and their […]

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Jan 25, 2014
Is Huawei going to launch their 64-bit smartphones at MWC 2014?

Huawei CEO Richard Yu (余承东) officially announced that the company will enter the era of 64-bit chipsets this year. Huawei is one of the members of Tizen Association  and it […]

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Oct 22, 2013
Huawei Ready to Focus on China and Western Europe

  Huawei, who recently we revealed (still can't believe it) as the newest member of the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG), recognises the benefits of implement a technology strategy similar […]

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Oct 17, 2013
Huawei Strengthens Ties With the U.K. - Tizen

  China’s Huawei Technologies Co., the world’s second-largest supplier of telecommunications equipment, faces an uphill battle in the U.S where it has been effectively shut out of the market due […]

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Oct 14, 2013
Has Huawei joined the Tizen Technical Steering Group (TSG)?

    Interesting news comes in all shapes and sizes and this weekend there was some interesting news which only has one source. The website Tizen Indonesia reported that the […]

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Aug 27, 2013
LG U+ Joins Tizen Association

  LG U+ is the latest firm to become a member of the Tizen Association. The Tizen Association has changed the membership of 12 firms from being members of the Tizen […]

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Jun 13, 2013
Samsung's New R&D Facility Based in Finland Near Nokia Headquarters

  Samsung will be opening a new research and development center in Espoo Finland which is also where Nokia's headquarters are based , affirming Samsung's domination over it's rival. Details […]

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Feb 28, 2013
Orange Throws Its Weight Behind Tizen OS, With Phones Launching In France In Q3 — Other Markets In 2014

  All the mobile OS underdogs are coming out to play at this year’s Mobile World Congress — from Firefox OS, to Ubuntu and Jolla’s Sailfish — rushing in to […]

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Feb 27, 2013
France Telecom-Orange will release Tizen 2.0 devices from Samsung and Huawei this year

    Tizen's holding a posh little shindig here at Mobile World Congress to officially launch the Tizen 2.0 OS, which was recently released to developers (but not on phones […]

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Feb 28, 2012
Tizen Association release SDK, Huawei joins the Board

Tizen, the Linux-based OS and successor to Intel and Nokia's MeeGo platform is nearing its market introduction. At the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Tizen Association and Linux […]

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Apr 21, 2011
More Handset Manufacturers to Join MeeGo - Panasonic and Huawei

  Two more Handset manufacturers are to join MeeGo working on the Handset form factor. Panasonic and Huawei are to be nominated to join the MeeGo Handset Working Group at […]

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