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Nov 14, 2017
The Tizen Ecosystem is growing everyday, many applications and games are being added everyday. Today we are showcasing two new games, The Ghost Moto Simulator-Death Ride and The F1 Simulation 3D : […]
Oct 24, 2017
This year one of the most viral and "dangerous" games is Blue Whale, which India seems to be quite badly affected by. A game developer team from Bangalore, named Integer […]
Oct 24, 2017
A few weeks ago, we brought you the top 5 motorbike racing games in the Tizen Store. However, new games and apps are consistently added to the Store and we at […]
Oct 10, 2017
A lot of interesting games are included in the Tizen Store on a daily basis, but while you may not have the chance to explore every game which is worth […]
Oct 9, 2017
A brand new epic first-person shooting game called "Modern Counter Attack" has just been added to the Tizen Store. This game comes with high-quality 3D graphics and the shooting impact is so […]

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