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Mar 31, 2020
Realme, a smartphone brand that has quickly risen the ranks, is not content with remaining in just the smartphone industry. Madhav Sheth, Realme's CEO says that there's a Realme smartwatch that can be expected too. In a video that was posted on YouTube, Sheth shows the smartwatch on his wrist and says that it is […]
Apr 16, 2019
Over the years we have spoken to many talented Tizen Galaxy/Gear Watch Designers – such as Ayla Gokmen, Denis Miroshnikov, Mike Wickens, and John (Nucleon). Now, we add another Samsung Tizen watch face developer to add to this list, Chris Shomo from Infinity Watchfaces. The thing that caught our eye with Chris was his Fred the […]
Jun 29, 2018
Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Business (S.LSI) is showcasing its latest technologies at the 2018 edition of Mobile World Congress Shanghai. The company has technologies such as ISOCELL and Exynos, as well as a smart speaker reference platform on display at the event. Samsung's new ISOCELL Plus camera technology, which, the company claims, brings enhanced color accuracy and […]
Mar 29, 2018
Chinese mobile manufacturer OnePlus has joined the bandwagon of companies interested in Cryptocurrencies as the company surprised its fans by revealing on Wednesday that its next smartphones will have an iPhone X-like notch. However, the company which is known for its April Fool’s pranks, in a 26-second video titled “Change is coming,” has unveiled an […]
Feb 19, 2018
Bitcoin had the spotlight in 2017, but it appears smart contracts owns the spotlight for 2018. Smart Contracts are essentially contracts which have been converted into code. They are deemed self-executing because if the conditions in the contracts are met, then the obligations would be automatically fulfilled. Smart Contracts are used to code Decentralized Apps (DApps) […]
Dec 29, 2017
Are you looking for some high quality graphic and battery saving watchfaces for your Samsung Gear Fit 2/ Fit2 Pro? Well here are 9 excellent looking watchfaces picked by the TizenExperts team that have been created by watchface designers Nucleon & Smart Watchface. As you all may know, the Samsung Gear Fit2 and Gear Fit2 Pro are obviously watches […]
Nov 20, 2017
Music and gaming functions always form the core of a Smart TV features. And Samsung has been enhancing these two features in its Smart TVs on a regular basis. Samsung's latest activities that have added value to its Smart TVs include the partnership with Shazam. Shazam allows Smart TV viewers to identify songs played on TV shows […]
Oct 25, 2017
With security concerns on the rise, Companies are going beyond just password authentication as a security measure and already implementing biometric authentication such as fingerprint, facial recognition, voice recognition, etc. Samsung SDS Nexsign biometric authentication platform which is Samsung's FIDO-certified biometric authentication software for enterprise has been using fingerprint, face and voice recognition for login […]
Oct 9, 2017
Samsung has been steadily expanding its portofolio of Smart wearables and fitness devices over the last few years. There are many things you can do with your new wrist smart companion, check the weather, messages, calendar, play music and more. Mike Wickens, a talented watchface designer, has recently contributed a post that compares the feature […]
Sep 8, 2017
Samsung smart voice assistant Bixby was first announced along side the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and later it was announced that Bixby will be coming to its range of home appliances soon. The tech giant had also announced that the Europe edition of the Family Hub smart refrigerator will come with the Bixby smart assistant […]
Sep 7, 2017
Yesterday, a brand new app was released in the Tizen Store and is unlike most of the apps we have seen in recent times, this is a TV app called "TV Channels". Unlike some apps, "TV Channels" is more like a programme guide which allows you to easily see whats showing on your favorite channel. APP […]
Aug 25, 2017
Samsung has revealed that it is working on a smart speaker which will be launched soon. This was made known by DJ Koh, president of Samsung's mobile division in an interview with CNBC ahead of the Galaxy Note 8 launch which was held on Wednesday. The smart speaker is expected to take on the already existing […]
Aug 23, 2017
Technological development has brought so much ease to our everyday lives. Initially, we had to carry physical cash wherever we go if we ever hope of getting anything. Subsequently, it was reduced to credit cards and we could travel cashless or "cash light". Now, with digital wallets, we can as well decide to leave our credit […]
Aug 20, 2017
Ok folks, its been a reasonably exciting week here at Tizen Experts and now its time for the weekly roundup for week ending 20th August 2017. Smartphone app IMO continues to climb the Tizen Store App ranks and more rumours of the Gear Fit 2 Pro and Gear Sports being unveiled alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note […]
Aug 19, 2017
We have had the opportunity to speak to many Tizen Gear Watch Designers - such as Ayla Gokmen, Denis Miroshnikov and Mike Wickens. Now, its time to add another name to the list- Nucleon. I've found his watchfaces to be modern, practical, informative and well designed. Read on and there might be something FREE, for our Tizen […]
Aug 17, 2017
Military grade Samsung Gear S2 and S3 are Tizen-powered smartwatches which are designed for adventure and it allows you to stay in touch without reaching out to your phone. Following the recent introduction of the navigation app, Ocean Sailor, and news apps, The Guardian/The New York Times to the Gear S series, a new app has now […]
Aug 16, 2017
The Tizen OS is consistently becoming interesting because presently, there are thousands of developers working on the Tizen platform with thousands of apps. Many thanks to incentive programs like the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program, which is scheduled to run from February to October, and the Indonesia Next Apps (INA) 4.0 which have helped a lot and many Tizen developers […]
Aug 14, 2017
Virtual Reality is the new popular thing in the world of technology. Even though it is still in its infancy, some of the content creators are pushing the boundaries. They are developing industry-leading, immersive, Virtual Reality videos which were previously thought to be impossible. Over the next few weeks, VRU (Virtual Reality to the Power […]
Aug 11, 2017
The Tizen project commenced six years ago and since then, Samsung Electronics has continued to drive the adoption of this operating system for its devices. No doubt, consumer acceptance strongly depends on the supporting application ecosystem, thus Samsung has continued to attract app developers through a series of incentives and competition with huge prizes.  Among them […]
Aug 10, 2017
The Tizen store has been a really hot place for new app entries ever since Samsung introduced the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program. The program awards the developers of the top 100 downloaded apps every month with a $10,000 cash. Many Indie developers have taken this opportunity to release some really interesting and useful apps spread […]
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