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Nov 15, 2013
  Like ever so often the world is divided in camps: Those that know, love A and hate B; Those that know. hate A and love B, Those with knowledge […]
Nov 6, 2013
Linux, the forgotten mover of worlds. Ask any punter for the names of operating systems and they might give you Apple, Windows and maybe even Android, Blackberry or Nokia Symbian. […]
Oct 28, 2013
  Below is a Video Interview with Arynga CEO, Walter Buga with insight into Arynga's Vehicle Software Management Solution: CarSync™. Video:     Source  
Oct 28, 2013
  This is a Video From LinuxCon + CloudOpen Europe 2013 in Edinburgh, UK. Dirk Hohndel and Linus Torvalds discuss what's next for Linux and the Linux kernel.   Video: […]
Oct 2, 2013
  A Qualcomm executive is quoted as saying that Apple's announcement of a 64-bit processor is Impressive, but not innovative and the 64-bit A7 processor found in the new iPhone […]
Aug 7, 2013
  The battle ground for the mobile OS is not just on the old smartphone or even tablets but also includes other areas tat can include the embedded space. The […]
May 7, 2013
  Below is a Interview that TechRadar had with Red Hat's 'community gardener' Dave Neary. Dave was involved with MeeGo from the start and I've had the pleasure of meeting […]
Apr 16, 2013
  Today we have news that Jolla will be presenting their first ever consumer device in a matter of weeks according to an interview with the website Taloussanomat To the […]
Apr 9, 2013
    The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only summit gathering core kernel developers, distribution maintainers, ISVs, end users, system vendors and other community organizations for plenary sessions […]
Mar 30, 2013
    The news is that Epic Games have revealed that their games engine Unreal Engine 4 will eventually support HTML5.   .... allowing the deployment of graphically-rich games that, […]
Mar 21, 2013
  Samsung has announced it intends to launch a high-end smartphone based on a new smartphone platform the Korean electronics maker has been co-developing with Intel, called Tizen, in August […]
Mar 18, 2013
Samsung Mobile president Mr J.K.Shin had an interview with the The Wall Street Journal. In this interview Mr J.K. Shin confirmed the focus of U.S.,  Android and upcoming Tizen products. He […]
Mar 16, 2013
    Samsung Electronics Co. (005930), the biggest seller of devices using the Android operating system, plans to release a smartphone powered by the open-source platform Tizen as soon as […]
Mar 15, 2013
  Samsung Electronics Co. has quickly emerged as the largest smartphone maker thanks in part to its adoption of Google's Android software. But the company is now planning to launch […]
Mar 15, 2013
  Samsung has shared a little more about its plans to release smartphones running the Tizen operating system this year. In an interview with Bloomberg, executive vice president of mobile […]
Mar 3, 2013
  The website Engadget got to catchup with Jolla CEO at MWC2013 to discuss the Sailfish OS and the timeframe for the H2 2013 release. Video and transcript below:   […]
Jun 2, 2012
  The Following story was published at Oreilly Radar: A couple weeks ago, MIT Technology Review's editor in chief and publisher Jason Pontin wrote a piece about killing their app […]
Mar 16, 2012
So Nokia's design chief Marko Ahtisaari has confirmed that he is working on a Nokia Tablet, the Super Duper tablet. Many think it will have Microsoft Windows 8 on it, […]
Mar 12, 2012
Here is Intel’s Daniel Holmlund and Michael Mahemoff having a quick chat and demo about HTML5 Playground and the AppUp programme.   The playground is similar to what you’ve seen […]
Mar 7, 2012
    Samsung Electronics Co. (005930), the world’s second-largest handset maker, will “significantly” increase investment to bolster its own mobile-phone operating system, pitching it as an alternative to Google Inc. […]

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