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Jan 6, 2021
Telegram messenger app is a messaging service that does a good job at protecting your privacy. Like for instance, during the riots in China, people had used Telegram to communicate. The service then refused to hand over user data to the Chinese government. However, when you enable a feature that allows geographically close users to […]
Jun 30, 2020
In iOS 14, Apple has fixed a major issue within the software where apps could assess the clipboard secretly on users' phones. When the new OS is released, users will be notified whenever an app reads the last thing that has been copied to the clipboard. Many apps have been caught abusing the privacy of […]
Jun 1, 2020
Contact tracing is one of the next steps when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic. Both Google and Apple are teaming up to build contact tracing into their Operating Systems (Android and iOS). This would lead the two companies to have contact tracing on the majority of the world. However, many people don't feel comfortable […]
Jun 5, 2019
Since the launch of the first iPad in 2010, Apple's tablets have been running iOS, the same software as the iPhone. It's set to change now though, as the company has just announced a new operating system for iPads. Starting with the next version, the operating system for Apple's tablets will be called iPadOS. While […]
Jan 23, 2019
You can now stream content from UK’s free-to-air broadcasters on-the-go, and in one place. Freeview, the UK’s biggest TV platform, has launched its mobile app for iOS devices. You'll be able to stream live shows from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as on-demand content from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, […]
Sep 18, 2018
Apple Inc., on Monday, has released final, stable versions of the iOS 12, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12, its latest software for the iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV respectively. The software has been in beta for the last few months, and the launch of the latest iPhones and Apple Watch meant a wider release was imminent. […]
Aug 31, 2018
If your an Apple iPhone or iPad iOS user who has recently installed the current iOS 12 beta OS, then the chances are that you are currently being plagued by a pop-up message. The offending message reads as follows: "A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 12 beta." Why is […]
Jun 13, 2018
While emails and a few other instant messaging services follow us across devices, the traditional phone functionality still doesn't. We need separate phone numbers (SIM cards) if we wish to use phone functionality on separate devices, which becomes clumsy at times. Mobile network service provider, EE, however, has plans to streamline this. The company has announced […]
Mar 23, 2018
"OK Google, request $35 from John for his share of dinner!" Wow! That sounds really cool. Well, starting today, it has become a reality. You can now send or receive money with just a few voice commands, thanks to the Google Assistant integration on your Google Pay app.   Google Assistant on Google Pay Google […]
Mar 16, 2018
Google Is rebranding its smartwatch operating system, Android Wear to Wear OS by Google. Some Andriod users got an early notification of the new branding and logo. Although the hardware and software remain the same, the first developer preview of Android P refers to the wearables platform as “Wear OS.” Over the next few weeks […]
Mar 1, 2018
Google released a Beta version of Flutter, a new mobile application user interface framework this week. The company had first launched Flutter as an alpha version in May 2017 at the company’s I/O developer conference, but this is a beta roll out. Flutter is a result of Google trying to formulate a solution to the […]
Feb 15, 2018
The year of 2017 ended with a streak of software problems for Apple, with a number of bugs reported towards the end of November and early December. Now it seems like 2018 isn’t starting any better for the company. Last month, a bug was reported in iOS that could crash the Messages app and freeze or restart […]
Feb 13, 2018
If you're an avid Telegram user then you might be familiar with their new client App named Telegram X. This new App is seen as more of an experimental application that is said to be faster, with smoother animations and offer better features than its older sibling. Telegram is a popular messaging app, especially among the […]
Feb 1, 2018
Telegram, a well established messaging app that has become popular with the tech-savvy among us, has today mysteriously disappeared from the Apple AppStore. The App was previously available for both the iPhone and iPad - and both the normal Telegram and the newer Telegram X apps have both vanished. Initially concerned users speculated that this event […]
Dec 26, 2017
iPhone users have long complained that their devices seem to slow down when new models are released. Some believe it to be a purposeful effort by Apple (and other tech companies) to reduce the device's performance in order to get its users to buy newer models. The damage had already been done even though Apple […]
Oct 6, 2017
Gear S, S2 and S3 iOS 11 iPhone compatibility The Samsung Gear range of smartwatches have seen enjoyed by Android users since they first came out and also iPhone users since the beginning of this year. Unfortunately there has been some issues for iOS 11 and an update had been submitted to the Apple App […]
Oct 2, 2017
Samsung's Gear Fit2 Pro was only recently unveiled at IFA 2017 in Berlin and during its launch, it was announced that it is compatible with iOS devices. However, since sales began on September 15, no iPhone has been able to connect with a Gear Fit2 Pro because the app which links both devices is still […]
Jul 7, 2017
Smartphone OS has become a two horse race for several years now between Android and iOS. The competition and the market share between the two has put down some big names in the smartphones OS business to dust such as Symbian,Blackberry OS and of course Windows phone OS. However, recent reports from market research firm […]
Feb 3, 2017
It's great that the Gear Manager app, which is used to connect Samsung Gear watches to your mobile, has fbeen finally released for Apple iPhone devices, but there still is a problem. Users are unable to Install paid for apps or watchfaces directly to their Gear S2 and Gear S3 Tizen watches. Now, we are sure […]
Jan 12, 2017
The Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic are cross-platform, allowing non-Samsung, Android-powered smartphones and now, iPhones, to be paired with them. With the Gear S3 being the first smartwatch to provide this compatibility, it is understandable that iPhone users and non-Samsung Android users buying a Samsung smartwatch for the first time (or in a […]
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