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Jan 26, 2022
The more devices we have linked to the network, the greater the need to consider the security elements and requirements for IoT accessories. 6 Security Elements to Consider for IoT Devices Connectivity is critical to your IoT project's success. IoT networks are by their very nature complicated, and cybercriminals can intercept them in a variety […]
Jan 25, 2022
The IoT has evolved from an idea in the early 2000s to daily reality. However, it is a major challenge to provide 100% secure IoT gadgets. Wearables, smart speakers, smart thermostats, and smart lighting, among other things, have replaced PCs and smartphones in our daily lives. On one side, these IoT gadgets provide convenience and […]
Jan 24, 2022
Our phones can now do a lot of things we never imagined. Here's a list of some fun, new gadgets, all of which are smartphone-controlled. With our smartphones, we can check our crypto wallets, utilize social media, take images that are as good as those taken by professional cameras, and so much more. Aside from […]
Jan 20, 2022
Smart cities combine technology, government, and society to enable smart economies, mobility, a clean environment, and people living better. The Internet of Things is not a new concept. You have probably heard of smart homes and smart cars. Well, now there are smart cities. The smart home and the smart city are two major developments […]
Mar 29, 2019
Reliance Jio may soon challenge the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in the smart digital assistant space. The telco is reportedly planning to acquire conversational AI chatbot firm Haptik. The deal is said to be worth over Rs 200 crore (roughly $28.9 million), and is expected to be finalised in the next few […]
Dec 18, 2018
Amazon has been pushing Alexa skills to more developers lately. The company opened up the Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) Kit to all third-party device makers last month. Amazon has now opened up Alexa's home security features to the whole developer community. This essentially means more alarm and security camera manufacturers can now add the digital assistant’s functions […]
Oct 25, 2018
The Internet of things (IoT) is a growing presence in our everyday lives. There are many households now that contain smart home technology, and it is hoped that soon we will also encounter more smart IoT devices outside our homes. Smart appliances such as toasters and refrigerators are among the most common smart devices making […]
Oct 19, 2018
The IoT Gadgets website is currently looking for talented news / editorial writers to join the team. If you're passionate about a diverse range of tech then this is the place for you. We hope to expand on the subject matter we cover, including IoT, Gadgets, Tizen, Smartwatch, Blockchain,  Smart home, Smart TVs, and much more. The site was […]
Oct 18, 2018
Samsung Electronics has acquired the services of Zhilabs, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based networks analytics startup based in Barcelona. The company bets the acquisition will ease its transition to 5G technologies and further enhance its 5G capabilities. Earlier in August, Samsung had announced an initiative to invest KRW 25 trillion (about $22 billion) in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, […]
Sep 28, 2018
Samsung has recently announced their keynote speakers for this years Samsung Developer Conference 2018. This event will display the developments it has made in software but also, this year is a little more special as there will be hardware-related announcements, or reveals if you prefer, which have got many people excited. Many are eager to […]
Sep 26, 2018
Samsung Electronics announced the Samsung Flip, a Tizen based piece of tech, during its keynote speech at CES 2018 in January. Aimed at enterprise clients, the device has since gone on to hit the markets quite unnoticed. However, it has started gaining some momentum now. Samsung recently introduced the Flip at the Singapore Korean International School (SKIS), making […]
Sep 5, 2018
Instant messaging apps are becoming more multi-functional lately. Typically made for texts, voice calls, video calls and photo sharing, messaging apps are nowadays adding a wide array services under them. WhatsApp, for instance, has taken a plunge into the mobile payments industry, and have also launched a business-oriented app. And now, Japan-based messaging app Line, […]
Jul 18, 2018
In May, Samsung trademarked the “Galaxy Watch” and “Galaxy Fit” monikers at the USPTO, suggesting its plan to bring its wearables under the Galaxy branding. Now two months later, SamMobile confirms that Samsung's next smartwatch, the successor to the Gear S3, will indeed be called the Galaxy Watch, and not Gear S4. Furthermore, they add that the upcoming Galaxy Watch will run Tizen 4.0 […]
Jul 6, 2018
Samsung SDS, a Samsung subsidiary focusing on IT solutions, has announced a new IoT-powered smart door lock. The device, model number SHP-DR900, appears to be an upgraded successor to the existing smart door lock solutions from Samsung. It is equipped with a power-efficient Wi-Fi module, supports remote control and can notify users about the door activities in real-time.   Samsung smart door […]
May 25, 2018
Is my “Always Listening” smart speaker listening to my private talks as well? This confusion, or many times a fear, has been lingering around ever since the inception of such smart speakers. If you too have this confusion, we've explained here if you need to worry or not. But in an extremely unlikely event, Amazon Echo […]
May 8, 2018
Google has finally launched a stable, production-ready version of Android Things, its operating system designed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The platform itself was announced way back in December 2016, and has been in the preview phase ever since. After going through eight developer previews in a year and half of time, a production-ready Android Things […]
May 3, 2018
People have always had privacy concerns over long-distance communications technologies. These concerns have existed right from the days of letters and telegraphs, to telephones, emails and text messages, and the most-recent VoIP services and social media messaging platforms. And it now continues with the next generation technologies as well. Voice-activated home assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant are some of the […]
Apr 19, 2018
As we drive towards a connected world, where everything connects to the internet, we are witnessing more security nightmares as well. There are millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices which remain online permanently bur hardly get any maintenance. With these devices becoming a gateway to our homes, workplaces, and sensitive data, they also become targets […]
Mar 23, 2018
Innovative technologies are those that fundamentally change how things are done in business and society. Five technologies that fit this description are selected yearly by IBM as a part of the "5 in 5" program. This program is IBM's opportunity to showcase to the world innovative technologies birthed at its Research global labs. To earn […]
Mar 22, 2018
Samsung Electronics has announced the addition of more value for its foundry customers by adding RF/IoT and fingerprint technology solutions to its  8-inch (200mm) technology solutions foundry services.  All of Samsung’s 8-inch offerings, ranging from 180nm to 65nm are being processed from Line 6 in Giheung, Korea a facility specially dedicated to it. Samsung is […]
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