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Jun 5, 2019
iPadOS: Apple tablets get a dedicated operating system

Since the launch of the first iPad in 2010, Apple's tablets have been running iOS, the same software as the iPhone. It's set to change now though, as the company […]

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May 31, 2019
Apple foldable phone granted Patent for iDevices

After Samsung's tiny fail with its foldable device, Apple has been granted a patent for its very own Apple foldable phone. This device concept has been getting hype quite rapidly […]

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Sep 18, 2018
Apple releases iOS 12, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12: Everything you need to know

Apple Inc., on Monday, has released final, stable versions of the iOS 12, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12, its latest software for the iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV respectively. The software […]

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Aug 31, 2018
iOS 12 Beta users harassed by Popup prompting them for an update

If your an Apple iPhone or iPad iOS user who has recently installed the current iOS 12 beta OS, then the chances are that you are currently being plagued by […]

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Feb 1, 2018
Telegram & Telegram X messaging apps both disappear from Apple's AppStore

Telegram, a well established messaging app that has become popular with the tech-savvy among us, has today mysteriously disappeared from the Apple AppStore. The App was previously available for both the […]

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