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Feb 19, 2018
The health-monitoring technology has grown some folds in the last couple of years. The market is filled with a number of fitness trackers and smartwatches that can keep a continuous record of your health. Even the medical world now believes that these devices can indeed play a big role in maintaining a good health. The University […]
Jan 10, 2018
Usual players in the blockchain industry who have Introduced their own cryptocurrency have always been privately held companies. However, in 2017, public companies and even governments have made known their intention to make a move into this fast developing industry by issuing their own cryptocurrency. The latest public company with possible plans to come on […]
Nov 24, 2014
  The Samsung Gear S has a new dimension to it now, a newer model that wasn't expected. We have seen the slow and steady global release of the 3G SIM enabled Smartwatch, but now it is also being sold in Japan by KDDI’s au brand, which is one of the three large carriers in […]
Oct 12, 2014
  The world is getting Smarter all around us with Smart watch, Smart TV, Smart Camera, Smart Phone, Smart Car, Smart Fridge, Smart Washing Machine and Smart Home. Is there room for anything else that can be regarded as Smart? Well Yes, the Smart Ring! The devices is created by Logbar Inc., who have their […]
Sep 25, 2014
  The Samsung Gear S was officially and exclusively on display in Gear Shops in Japan last week (18/9), with the model number SM-R750D, which differs from the global model number with the suffix D, which apparently refers to the telecom provider, NTT DoCoMo in Japan in this case. This has left us a little […]
Sep 12, 2014
  Oh Japan, have you got a treat "In-Store" for you !!!! Samsung Japan has announced that starting from the 18th September it will launch a nationwide exhibition for it newly announced devices from IFA 2014, namely the Samsung Note 4 and the Gear S. A total of 18 stores that are dotted across the […]
Apr 8, 2014
  The fifth Automotive Linux Summit is taking place on the 1 -2 July, at the Chinzan-so Conference Center, Tokyo, Japan. This is a conference where the best minds in the automotive industry come together including automotive systems engineers, Linux experts, R&D managers, business executives, open-source licensing and compliance specialists and community developers. They welcome […]
Jan 22, 2014
  Following the news the NTT DoCoMo were not confident about releasing a Tizen Smartphone in the current climate in Japan, Samsung has made its position clear with Tizen, and yes, Tizen is going to be delayed. We have had several delays to Tizen and the latest one delays it further into 2014. "It is […]
Jan 16, 2014
Samsung is teasing us. badly! They still name it SC-03F and not SamsungTizenOne or so. But it's coming top a market near you. US FCC certification has been granted and now it's also approved by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. We all "know" (which actually means "we speculate" and/or "we hope") that Samsung first […]
Jan 8, 2014
  As most of you "Tizen experts" are aware of, NTT DoCoMo has aired its plans to deliver their first Tizen smartphone around the end of March. It took a long time getting out there but when one looks at the complexity, or rather the connectivity of Tizen, it's understandable. You only get one first […]
Dec 9, 2013
  Hello .... What have we here?? Recently my BlackBerry friends had the joyful opportunity of gloating that the BlackBerry Browser had attained a score of 491. I vowed to them on that day that Tizen would return as King of the and it has with the help from a smartphone prototype with […]
Nov 25, 2013
In spite of what has happened on many markets, Samsungs sales in Japan came down fiercely. According to sources in the industry sales dropped from almost 2 million units in the fourth quarter of last year (1.9 million to be precise) to just one million units in the 3rd quarter of this year. We're talking the […]
Nov 24, 2013
    We've previously reported on the Samsung Tizen Device SC-03F that NTT DoCoMo's is going to be releasing on their network, most likely loaded with Tizen 2.2.1 or something slightly more updated. Now the Samsung SC-03F Device has passed Internal NTT Docomo testing Terminal,  a model number SC-03F (SGH-N099) which accommodates the following transmission bands: 4G/LTE […]
Oct 29, 2013
  Samsung has a couple of development devices for Tizen out there, and now the first official Tizen-running tablet has been launched in Japan by Systena Corporation, a leading provider of IT solutions and cloud computing in the country. The tablet – a 10-inch unit with a WUXGA (1900 x 1200) display – will be […]
Oct 19, 2013
  The following are slides that were presented by Yuya Adachi, Who is active Tizen Japan and cover the topic "About Tizen". We see the driving forces behind Tizen, the Architecture, Compliance, Development, Tizen 3.0 and the future of Tizen. Lots of information 🙂 HTML5(misc) Meetup in Japan 8th from moguriso   Source  
Oct 9, 2013
  OSC Hiroshima 2013 from moguriso   If you are interested in Tizen and can read Japanese then the following slides are for you. Yuya Adachi presents an excellent overview of what Tizen is. Enjoy and please give us your feedback. Source  
Oct 2, 2013
Systena, the company working on the first Tizen Tablet showed off a unique software-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Tizen IVI in Exhibit Cutting-Edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition (CEATEC) Japan 2013 . The software can change the look of HMI on Tizen IVI suit your taste and personality. These solutions utilise information provided by […]
Jul 10, 2013
  Systena Corporation based in Japan have previously announced that they are currently developing a Tizen tablet with a 10.1-inch screen running the Tizen OS. The tablet is expected to launch during the smartphones & mobile exhibition EXPO between 23 to 25 October.     As you can see the tablet itself is still at […]
Jul 5, 2013
  NTT DoCoMo will release a Tizen smartphone within Japan in the summer of this year. One feature that will be incorporated will be the LINE messaging service which will be deeply integrated within the Tizen smartphone bringing a more in-depth experience. NTT DoCoMo have been working with LINE to maximize the potential and serves […]
Jun 25, 2013
  Tizen was announced at Intel Elements 2011 and now finally we are inching closer to the phones and in this case tablets to be released. NTT DoComo is going to offer the first Tizen phones as well as a new 10 inch tablet courtesy of Shisutena, spelt Systena in English (thanks Kosmaj).   Specifications: […]

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