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Jan 15, 2012
    Original article was posted on 'Don't Code Today': In a nutshell, Esprima ( is a JavaScript parser written in pure JavaScript. In the near future, it will expand […]
Nov 30, 2011
This is a quick Proof of concept showing the Javascript version of Google Street View loaded in Nokia N9's built-in browser Source Twitter
Sep 13, 2011
  This is an Article from Netbook news: There has been a lot of controversy over what is going on with MeeGo, there have been rumors about the MeeGo project […]
Sep 12, 2011
HTML5 is on its way and is already creating a lot of buzz in the developers’ world. While some believe HTML5 will be a messiah of source-code, many are still […]
Sep 9, 2011
  [From the Author] - In few weeks, I am scheduled to talk at Intel AppUp(SM) Elements 2011 in Seattle (or rather more precisely, in Bellevue). My presentation would be […]

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