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Jan 14, 2016
  According to a Digital Times Korean report, Samsung Electronics is still planning on expanding on the number of countries that the Samsung Z3 Tizen Smartphone will be offered in. […]
Sep 21, 2011
    Kazakhstan and N9 seem to be appearing time after time for some reason. Well anyways Nokia’s Kazakstanian site gives you two places to pre-order N9. Both are offering […]
Aug 17, 2011
  Nokia N9 billboards ads have started showing up in Kazakhstan. The following are pictures by a reader of the The Nokia Blog that was kind enough to share some […]
Jul 26, 2011
  Ok,So yesterday we reported that a Russian (or should I say Kazakhstanian) website had the Nokia N9 on preorder for the 19th August - Speculation mounts for Nokia N9 […]

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