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Sep 7, 2014
  Currently the Tizen project is publishing ARM images, so let me introduce you to how you can use them on other Armv7l hardware. For this tutorial the Renesas RCAR_M2 […]
Aug 4, 2014
  The Linux kernel has now been released and is now up to version 3.16. Whats new? The following list was compiled by the guys at OMGUbuntu: Multi-platform ARM kernel […]
Jul 18, 2013
  Since Linux kernel 2.6.36 was released a massive shift in sponsorship activity has taken place , this activity highlights the increasing sponsorship from mobile and embedded companies. The Linux […]
Oct 13, 2011
  Harmattan kernel sources have been published over at the following link: So now you can compile this kernel, add the hack to disable aegis, flash the kernel and […]

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