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May 8, 2015
  Development board lovers, some news for you today. Our friend Leon, with the assistance of his colleagues in the Konsulko Group, has successfully built Tizen:Common with Linux kernel 3.14.14 using Yocto. The target dev board is the HummingBoard-i2eX (Freescale i.MX6 SoC) and interestingly hardware accelerated graphics is supported in Wayland/Weston 1.6. He used the […]
Jan 9, 2015
  Tizen Common is a baseline Operating system that other profile / devices can be targeted off like mobile, wearable , IVI (In-Vehicle-Infortainment). Leon Anavi has been working on porting Tizen Common 3.0 to the Firefly-RK3288 development board. This device has Rockchip RK3288 quad-core Cortex-A17 ARM SoC with Mali GPU. The board also has 2GB […]
Sep 8, 2014
  Below is a round up of Tizen developer discussions that have been taking place in the Dev Tizen mailing list during August 2014. Thanks to Łukasz Stelmach for compiling it for us: Cynara, Async API proposal Aleksander Zdyb has started a discussion about different approaches to asynchronous API for Cynara's clients. Building Tizen […]
Aug 4, 2014
  The Linux kernel has now been released and is now up to version 3.16. Whats new? The following list was compiled by the guys at OMGUbuntu: Multi-platform ARM kernel image for multiple ARM SoCs (incl. Exynos) Various support for Nvidia Tegra K1 and Kepler GPU Nokia N900 modem driver included in mainline  Initial Intel Cherryview Support  Improvements […]
Jan 16, 2014
At the moment we are not sure if any of us here at Tizen Experts can attend FOSDEM, but if you are attending then you could check out a lightning talk that could be of Interest to you. Leon Anavi will be presenting his "How to Build a Tizen Device at Home?" talk. Tizen is […]
Oct 9, 2013
  In recent years, Samsung has moved from being a consumer of open source software to one of the largest and active companies participating in contributing to it. In fact they are a top 10 contributor to the Linux kernel. For further information about how Samsung is taking onboard, learning and adapting to open source […]
Jun 4, 2013
  Intel Haswell is the fourth generation Intel processor , one above the Ivy Bridge processor which is only about a year old. The main advantage of Haswell is its very low power consumption and improved graphics performance. This will lead to thinner touch PC designs , increased battery life and greater graphics performance. Linux […]
Mar 5, 2012
    Time waits for no man and as such the Deadline to submit your papers for the Tizen Conference draws near. March 8th is around the corner. Hurry up and be part of the the First Tizen Conference. Heres all the info: The first annual Tizen Conference engages and educates developers on Tizen technology […]

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