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May 24, 2017
Are you ready for a FREE watchface code giveaway for the Gear S2 and Gear S3? Well, Luxury watches has once again teamed up with Tizen Experts to give you 1000 FREE codes for their latest creation. This time you have a WatchFace and Game in one APP called "LW Games Timewaster", The "15" puzzle-WatchFace for the S2 […]
Mar 23, 2017
Have you got a Gear S2 or Gear S3 smartwatch? Well, we have yet another great watchface giveaway exclusively for our Tizen Experts readers. We have partnered yet again with watchface maker LuxuryWatches and now are giving away 1000 FREE coupons for their latest watch face: LW Parallax 3D Green Light with AOD.   FEATURES NEW RealTime […]
Feb 10, 2017
Recently we caught up with Gear watch face designer Mike Wickens, to learn more about his story about developing watch faces for Gear devices. Today, we are discussing the same topic withDenis Miroshnikoff, owner of LuxuryWatches, to find out what makes him tick (pun intended!). LuxuryWatches currently has over 78 watches for Gear S, S2, S3 […]
Feb 9, 2017
Over the last few months, we have had some excellent watchface giveaways for Tizen Experts readers and today we have yet another one from Luxury Watches. This time it is 500 COUPONS for the LW3D Pilot Altitude Carbon watchface for Samsung Gear S2 / S3 watches, a world first RealTime 3D with Always On Display (AOD). […]
Jan 23, 2017
Interchangeable watchfaces are one of the few great features of smartwatches in general. The quality of watchfaces, however, depends highly on the platform that the wearable belongs to (i.e Tizen, Android Wear, etc) as the larger the user base for a particular platform there will be a strong development community around it. Samsung Gear S2's […]
Dec 29, 2016
Gear S2 / S3 3D Watchface Giveaway Today, we have another great Gear Watchface giveaway for you. If you've recently purchased a new Gear S2 / S3 wearable device you know there are some excellent watchfaces to be had for it. Tizen Experts have teamed up with Luxury Watches, once again, to bring to you […]
Sep 19, 2016
Gear S2 3D Watch face Giveaway LuxuryWatches has made a special edition 3D Tizen Experts watch face and is giving away copies of it for FREE to our readers. This new 3D looking watch face has been made specifically for the Gear S2, and it should work with the Gear S3 once it releases in […]
Aug 27, 2016
  Gear S2 3D Watchface Giveaway We've got some excellent news this morning as Popular watchface maker Luxury Watches is giving away 100 copies of their Silver Blue Power watch face !!! The watch designer has created some new and innovative watchfaces for the Gear S2 which look 3D by using some special effects. The […]
Aug 11, 2016
  Watchface designers have been bringing out some really cool designs to smartwatches like the Gear S2. The coolness however is short-lived as most of these watchfaces fail to mimic a real watch's dial since they lack the 3D depth. Popular watchface maker, Luxury Watches has now come up with some interesting new 3D watchfaces […]

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