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Jul 1, 2021
Apple has recently released the public beta for macOS Monterey, the next big update that gives a Mac countless amount of new features. Here's how you can install it on your device, or a separate partition. Which devices are supported? The following can be updated to use macOS Monterey: iMac (late 2015 and later) iMac […]
Jun 22, 2021
People go onto websites and connect to a DNS just to get into the website you're trying to go to, for example, IoTGadgets may have an IP address like But what if the IP changes and your computer has saved it locally to save time? Here's how to reset it. On Mac OS Catalina/Mojave/High […]
Apr 11, 2019
There's nothing worse than losing Wi-Fi or data coverage when you're halfway through your favorite video on YouTube. While YouTube does allow you to save some videos for offline watching, with a little effort, you can download them in HD as well. All you need is the VLC media player installed on your system. And […]
Jan 16, 2019
TweetDeck, a desktop app for the Twitter social media platform, has had its client for the Mac OS updated. Some new features have been Introduced as well as some necessary bug fixes. One of the major features Introduced for Mac OS Mojave users is a a new Dark Mode. According to Twitter, the app has […]

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