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Apr 23, 2013
  HexDigger is a simple game written by me (Jakub Trávník). It can be played in single player and multiplayer mode. In single player, you have to occupy all cells in least steps. You start with one cell in corner. You can gain new cell regions that border with your territory by selecting their color […]
Mar 31, 2013
  Here is my first attempt to package the latest version of BitchX : BitchX : BitchX is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client by Colten Edwards aka [email protected] BitchX was originally based on ircII 2.8, but is currently based on the ircii-EPIC4 releases by Jeremy Nelson. Overview : BitchX was originally started as a […]
Mar 14, 2013
  Jim Jaglieski and Craig Woodward have been appointed as a replacement board members after the departure of Tim Samoff and Iván Gálvez Junquera. You all should know Craig from his work on the Maemo Community Council and as one of the primary drafters of the Hildon Foundation by-laws. Jim, however, is new to this community and has posted a letter […]
Mar 3, 2013
  It may not come as a surprise to anyone who regularly reads my column that I tried to be first in line to order the Raspberry Pi. I mean, what's not to like in a $35, 700MHz, 256MB of RAM computer with HDMI out that runs Linux? In the end, I didn't make the […]
Feb 25, 2013
    Quick little video covering the Fennec based browser for the Nokia N9 / N950.   Video:   If you want to join in the discussions then head on over to talk maemo.   Source Nokia Gadgets
Feb 21, 2013
This deb package / post has been made available by Maemo Community member marmistrz: Everyone reflashing the N900 knows the pain of reinstalling the non-deb apps  I created the deb for ovi maps extra features. All credit for the app goes to the authors: Download: while the extras-devel import is halted, it's in my repo, […]
Feb 20, 2013
Netmon like program to provide cellular info. Reason for creation was to learn a bit more about cellular networks and dbus, and I like apps to support portrait mode  What does it offer: SIM related info Current cellular info Scan of available mobile networks Find country- and operator codes Landscape/portrait support Help pages for explaining […]
Dec 23, 2012
    As the YouTube fix in version 2.20.2 didn't totally fix the downloads for gPodder 2 users, the fixes integrated into the development version of gPodder 3 have also been backported to version 2.x, so that all Maemo 5 (and Maemo 4) users can also enjoy YouTube downloads again. In addition to that, the […]
Sep 3, 2012
    Here is Robin Burchell filling us in with Lipstick, which is a toolkit for creating User Interfaces for Mobile Devices.   This is yet another demonstration of something I need to talk about a lot more. Lipstick (for those of you who don't know it) is basically a toolkit allowing the easy creation […]
Sep 2, 2012
    Quick video of the Nokia N900 running a new UI with Nemo 2012.08.31 by @nsuffys via MyNokiaBlog:   Video:   Source My Nokia Blog
Jun 19, 2012
    The Nokia N900 finally gets some Android love like its N9 Brother via U Boot. The OS Images have not been released as the developer wants to tweak it a bit more but it shouldn't be too much longer.   Video:   Source @AndikaWasisto
May 31, 2012
      ONLY FOR CURRENT USERS OF THE PETERBJORNX'S JAVA PORT. so you have to make this work first: NOTE: THIS IS *VERY* ALPHA SOFTWARE though you'd find it's pretty usable. While we wait for Wazzap to hit the N900 I've decided to share with you all a Whatsapp client I've been coding for a […]
May 29, 2012
  Henrik Sonnergård had a dream and that dream was to have a case that he could carry around his Nokia N900 and a spare battery. Luckily his mom was on hand:     Pictures of my custom made Nokia N900 pouch mod, extra power is always good. Thanks mom!   Source Henrik Sonnergård
May 29, 2012
    The VLC media player recently hit 1 billion downloads, VideoLAN project reports. VLC’s enormous popularity is largely caused by the huge variety of video-formats it supports, and its cross platform support. VLC is made with Qt and it’s free software. It runs on desktop systems including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It also runs […]
May 29, 2012
  This Article Originally appeared on Maemo.Org: Panjgoori, asked me to make a tutorial for my desktop I posted here Screenshots: Desktop 1: - General     Desktop 2: - Calendar If not online, ext IP, ESSID, wlan0 IP dissappear Desktop 3: - System     Right now, I won't write all of this tutorial but […]
May 25, 2012
  Ballot file contains 7 candidates and 210 ballots. Ballot file contains 205 non-empty ballots. Counting votes for Maemo Community Council elections, Q2 2012 using Fractional Transfer STV. 7 candidates running for 5 seats. Round Ivan Galvez Junquera (ivgalvez) Piotr Jawidzyk (Estel) Joseph Charpak (jcharpak) Craig Woodward (woody14619) Arie Mark (Aries) Niel Nielsen (NeilDK) R […]
May 24, 2012
    One of my regrets in life is never being able to get to a MeeGo HongKong meetup and I might never get to one. So that is even more of a reason for any of you guys that are close to HongKong to get to one !   Date: Saturday, 26 May 2012 […]
May 18, 2012
    Looks like Nokia are sponsering a device program giving away a total of 100 Nokia N9s and N950s for Coding and Community activities. One of the goals of this program is to help reducing the list of missing apps (or alternatives & related features)   Read on for the full information and […]
May 15, 2012
As Samsung's Tizen OS is looking to grab a foothold, Mozilla has announced its own mobile OS named Boot to Gecko (BtG). While Tizen is the descendant of the Linux Foundation's LiMo, Intel's MeeGo and Nokia's Maemo, BtG is purely a Mozilla project. Announcement of BtG gave rise to the talks that it will provide […]
Apr 25, 2012
19-Apr-12 - v0.0.7 Alpha - codename: "Azriel" => new naming convention based on Burekas movie characters This is an Alpha release where some code changes has been done in critical areas of the application. Dont install this version unless you are willing to assist in finding and reporting bugs Install link for N9/N950 Install link […]
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