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Apr 24, 2012
  The following article was originally posted at Engadget: Nokia's buried-but-beloved N900 smartphone has performed many parlor tricks in the past, but its latest role as a carbon-fiber swaddled cyborg […]
Apr 19, 2012
This guide was originally posted at Maemo.Org Note: This guide is aimed only at advanced users. Messing something up during the installation might break your device, so do not attempt […]
Apr 2, 2012
Here is an update on the Progress of the much awaited Community port of WhatsApp and here is where the Project currently stands: Message delivery indicators - Almost Chat logging […]
Mar 26, 2012
This Article is from Arek Stopczynski: Just one year ago our team at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) started Project Smartphone Brain Scanner. We obtained one Emotiv Epoc gaming neuroheadset and asked […]
Mar 25, 2012
    Google Translate Long ago we wrote about the Ubuntu 9.10 ported to Nokia N900. Recent data are as follows: on the Nokia N900 can be installed Ubuntu 12.04 […]
Mar 20, 2012
Below is all the information required for the upcoming Maemo elections: It's time for the next Maemo election. Any community member who has karma of 100 or more may be […]
Mar 16, 2012
  For a short while I slowed down some of the work on MeeGoExperts and I think about that time some work started on the WhatsApp port for MeeGo Harmattan […]
Mar 14, 2012
    "Because I can ....." The above phrase has never made sense to me, doing something just because you can or even climbing a mountain because its there. But […]
Mar 13, 2012
    You can check in, search for venues nearby, places you've been to, the to-do list, add new venues, keep an eye on the learderboard. Since I didn't have […]
Jan 5, 2012
  New weekly Nemo Mobile release is available for N900/N950/x86. Bugs fixed: NEMO#23 : meegotouchcp-connman contains copy of old libconnman-qt NEMO#71 : Wrong content in task switcher for some apps […]
Dec 31, 2011
There is a new video by Luovatone showing off his skills using the MyPaint application and ‘Tone’s Brush Set Version 2‘ on the Nokia N900. The video is sped up, […]
Dec 31, 2011
    Do you want to Migrate SMS and IM conversations form the Nokia N900 to the Nokia N9 ? Read on ... Do you remember The basic tool that […]
Dec 26, 2011
    With this post I will have finally made my 10,000th tweet on Twitter. Now I know that may not sound like a really big figure. Its probably REALLY […]
Dec 23, 2011
Waze is a free, community-based traffic & navigation app Install link for N9/N950 Install link for N900 Upgrade the base code to Waze v2.4.0 which add a lot of features, […]
Dec 18, 2011
    Synergy lets you share a mouse and keyboard between several computers over a network. When two or more devices are in same network, one can act as server […]
Dec 17, 2011
    Description Darhon Finance is a robust, user-friendly personal finance program that includes features that allow you to manage your finances, track your credit cards, bank accounts, investments and […]
Dec 17, 2011
    Control the mediaplayer track's execution by tilting your n900. From the desktop position, tilt your n900 45 degrees to: left: previous tack right: next track forward: resume track […]
Dec 14, 2011
Know what's kicking and screaming its way into obsolescence? If you guessed the N900, pat yourself on the back with this hack. Nokia's internetting tablet that simply refuses to quit […]
Dec 14, 2011
gpSP is a widely known GameBoyAdvance emulator around the world. Initialy gpSP was made for psp by Exophase, and this port is based on his GP2X/Caanoo port with some little […]
Dec 12, 2011
Nokia N900 - Maemo This is a dirty workaround, but no one seems to find a more elegant way. Put these lines in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config Code: Compression no #optional UseDNS […]

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