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Nov 2, 2010
Another excellent video from our friend @360NextLevel . Showing the Install of N900 Notifier. The Growl notifier has traditionally been a system for the Mac OS but it has made its way to Windows machines.
Oct 27, 2010
Installing WebOS Games on Nokia N900: Guide/Tutorial video now live! - Enjoy Courtesy of 360NextLevel
Oct 27, 2010
Intial instructions have surfaced showing the steps that need to be taken when installing a dual boot setup. WARNING This feature is currently experimental and intended for experienced users only. Several commands here are dangerous if executed incorrectly and may damage your Maemo installation or your N900. If you are unfamiliar with image creation, the […]
Oct 26, 2010
The official dual booting method for the Nokia N900 Meego / Maemo shouldn't be too far off, but here's a little video via Carsten Munk @stskeeps showing this in action. Credits to ali1234, Stephg and Stskeeps. Keep the good stuff coming 😉 Hopefully the wait is not going to be too far off 😉
Oct 26, 2010
Does it feel like sometimes there's nothing the N900 or the Maemo community can't do if they put their mind to it? Full WebOS games running on the device without the need for the WebOS Operating System (OS) loaded on the phone. Javispedro seems to be the man that can. Here are some of the […]
Oct 20, 2010
It appears that a Leaked version of PR1.3 (36-2) for the Nokia N900 is floating around. As yet we are not sure if this version is worth installing or not. Seems to be mainly bug fixes at this point and no major User Interface or functionality enhancements, So if your fine with your N900 working […]
Oct 16, 2010
  A lot of people were excited yesterday from the news contained in Harri Hakulinena's post that the next version of the Nokia N900 firmware will allow dual booting between Maemo and Meego on the Nokia N900. Unfortunately, this is not the case according to a response given by Nokia to the Nokia Blog. Here […]
Oct 15, 2010
Over the last months, the development team have been working furiously behind the scenes to update Meego 1.0 to Meego 1.1, a move that will further integrate Qt services within Meego. Also another interesting bit of news according to Harri Hakulinen's post the once rumoured PR1.3 is quite close and brings along the possibility of […]
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