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Mar 16, 2012
So Nokia's design chief Marko Ahtisaari has confirmed that he is working on a Nokia Tablet, the Super Duper tablet. Many think it will have Microsoft Windows 8 on it, Some Hope its MeeGo and Some hope its anything Linux based (Meltemi). As much as I would hope it would be Linux based it looks […]
Sep 22, 2011
  Nokia N9 was officially introduced to the Middle East last night and we had a great opportunity to sit down with Marko Ahtisaari, Senior Vice President Design at Nokia. In short, this is the guy responsible for the design of the N9. The Nokia N9 will be available in three week’s time and cost […]
Sep 10, 2011
In the recently held Copenhagen Design Week 2011, Marko Ahtisaari, Chief Designer of Nokia, talked about the ‘patterns of human interaction’ and how it affects people in their daily lives. Marko, the man behind the design of the Nokia N9, also discussed few things and factors that led to the creation of the N9’s design. The event was held between […]
Dec 9, 2010
Today Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's SVP of Design & User Experience spoke at the LeWeb conference about the emerging dominant patterns of interface and user experience in the smartphone industry. We think the best person to tell you what he said is the man himself: We loved almost everything he "Said". Just a pity he didn't […]

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