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Mar 3, 2015
Tizen at Mobile World Congress This years Mobile World Congress saw a new Tizen Booth, located at Booth #8.1 H65 if your in the vicinity, showing off our beloved Tizen Operating System (OS). We have tables full of Tizen devices and also what appears to be a mini house assembled to one side, a very […]
Feb 27, 2015
  Tizen at Mobile World Congress 2015 We are now in the final stages of preparation for Mobile World Congress next week, taking place at Fira Gran Via Barcelona, Spain 2-5 March 2015. We expect many things from the show, Including the first showing of the Samsung Z1 Smartphone outside of India and Bangladesh, Tizen […]
Dec 18, 2014
  Below are the slides that were presented at the recent Tizen DevLab and Portathon 2014 in London, UK. This was an Opportunity for App Developers to learn about the Tizen Operating System, SDK, Web runtime, APIs and how they could port their app to Tizen.     Tizen SDK and App Development presented by […]
May 15, 2014
By using Tizen app developers have quite an easy way into the development of apps for wearables. According to Harvey Elliot, CEO of Marmalade Technologies, since they started to support the SDK, hundreds of apps and games have come into their store. It seems just the beginning of major successes for this linux based mobile OS. […]
May 2, 2014
  Calling all Marmalade Developers! As you may know, the Tizen platform has been supported under Marmalade for mobile gaming since mid 2013. Now Marmalade are offering developers the opportunity to attend the Tizen Developer Conference on June 2-4, with a whopping 50% off.     This offer is only available to the first 200 […]
Mar 25, 2014
  Marmalade Technologies added support for Tizen in their SDK in the middle of last year and built on it in subsequent updates, allowing developers to deploy their existing and new Marmalade games directly into the Tizen ecosystem. We have previously featured loads of videos from Marmalade showing how to deploy a game or application, using Quick […]
Dec 22, 2013
Marmalade 7.1 is out and it has Tizen Phone Emulator Support built in. For you that don't know, Marmalade is a cross platform development environment that promises to minimize the time and effort associated with taking your games cross platform Below are the pre-requisites Before you download On Windows Visual Studio 2008 or higher (download) […]
Dec 20, 2013
  This is a Video from the recent Tizen Developer Summit in Korea on Monday November 11th, 2013. Here we have the Application Tool Vendors, the people that have some of the tools that will help port over your existing applications to Tizen or develop new ones. They discuss the platform, its content and some […]
Nov 23, 2013
  There are an increasing amount of ways that you can develop your Application / Game for the Tizen Platform. Below is a Infographic showing the type of tools that you can utilise to get your App certified for the Tizen Store and Ultimately entered into the Tizen App Challenge, which ends on the 8th […]
Nov 9, 2013
The good folk of Marmalade are partnering with Tizen to bring you another exciting Developers Offer. Deploy your apps to Tizen using the Marmalade SDK and be one of the first to publish on the Tizen store. What do they offer? A Free 6 month Marmalade Indie licence A Free Tizen device * Appbackr cash […]
Nov 7, 2013
  Here is a Video Guide with regards to Developing and Publishing Tizen Applications made by Marmalade, to facilitate developers in understanding the Marmalade SDK. We start from the “how to start a Tizen application development project” to “how to deploy existing games to Tizen”. Marmalade SDK 6.4 was released on the 23rd September & […]
Oct 30, 2013
      Do you want to fine tune your Marmalade Development skills? Well tomorrow is a Marmalade Developer Day which will give you a thorough run down of the new Marmalade 7 SDK, showing you how cross platform games and applications can be possible. Also a chance to Meet Marmalade SDK Engineers and the […]
Oct 11, 2013
  On 23 September, Marmalade released Marmalade SDK 6.4 to developers with Tizen support that made it possible to natively deploy existing and new games are made ​​with Marmalade directly onto Tizen. Now Marmalade will launch an incentive program for developers titled "Tizen Developer Program for Marmalade" (if the name fits ...) with Marmalade Licenses, […]
Sep 23, 2013
  Today Marmalade have announced the latest release Marmalade 6.4 which is now the latest and greatest version of the Marmalade SDK (their words ;-)). With version 6.4 we now have full support for the Tizen operating system. The SDK will allow developers to natively deploy their existing and new games made with Marmalade directly […]
Jul 9, 2013
  Marmalade have announced that they will be Maximising their Mobile Platform investment with targeting the Tizen Operating System. Platform Support for Tizen will be introduced into the Marmalade SDK in Q3 2013 in time for the launch of the initial Tizen devices. The SDK will provide full support both x86 and ARM mobile architectures […]

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