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Jun 1, 2018
Currently, the wearable market is taking the world by storm. But, the one we're talking about today is the smartwatches and how they can target our current generation of kids. We all know about the V-Tech watches for kids. Where you can play games, take pictures etc. But we don't really hear about the harm […]
Mar 29, 2018
As our world becomes more and more digital, we're putting more personal information into the digital realm than ever. This has proportionally given rise to cyber crimes. Peoples used to care less about online security a few years ago. But this has changed now, and more so in India. A study by global cyber security firm […]
Aug 18, 2017
The Tizen Smartphone OS is now approximately 2 years & 6 months old and Samsung Electronics Co. has already released four Tizen Smartphones in many countries such as Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 & Samsung Z4 with more devices coming soon; such as the rumoured as Samsung Z5 & Samsung Z9 and may be more. Already many app development […]
May 10, 2017
Samsung is known for its collaborations in the mobile space, including its new alliance with Amazon for mobile HDR content for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, for example. The Korean giant's strength is in partnerships, which is one of the reasons why Gear VR has been so successful for both Samsung and Facebook-owned Oculus. […]
Mar 2, 2017
All Tizen phones have only one antivirus security app which is made by Intel named McAfee Security. Kaspersky Lab, who has been a long time Tizen partner, announced their security solution for Tizen based IoT devices; but this is not a solution for smartphones. Today, an app developer Gagandeep Singh, has added a new antivirus security […]
Aug 24, 2016
  In the IT / Mobile world there are many security challenges that we have to face like Tojans, viruses, and the dreaded Malware that spreads like wildfire. In order to fend these off Tizen employs many security features at the Operating System level, but also at the software level.   "According to Intel Security’s […]
Jan 27, 2015
  Intel Security said on Monday that it has collaborated with Samsung on the companies new Tizen based Smartphone, the Samsung Z1, in order to secure it through its McAfee Mobile Security software, which already comes pre-installed in the Tizen Samsung Smartphone. "With mobile malware samples up, we firmly believe that security should be seamlessly […]

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