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May 28, 2011
  A well overdue meeting took place at MeeGo Conference in San Francisco. Intel & Nokia ? Elop ? No ... me and BrenDan Le Foll (@madeouk). Brendan is responsible for the MeeGo TV 1.2 User Experience (UX) which is a modified build of XBMC. What we are going to see is a very similar […]
May 14, 2011
There is a comparison chart here of 20 HTML5 video players. HTML5 Media Players Acorn Media Player, Accessible and customizable HTML5 media player (Cristian I. Colceriu.) Akamai’s Open Video Player for HTML5 <video> (Akamai Technologies) Ambilight for <video> tag (Currently offline but source available here at the bottom.) Building a better HTML5 video player with […]

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